Derek Pearsall's
Thirty Year Working Bibliography:
Part VII -- Romances, Drama, Lyrics

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I. Romances -- General
II. Arthur & Arthurian Romance
III. Havelok and King Horn
IV. Sir Orfeo
V. Other Romances
VI. Drama -- General
VII. English Mystery Plays -- York
VIII. Eng. Myst. Plays -- Towneley (Wakefield)
IX. Eng. Myst. Plays -- Chester
X. Eng. Myst. Plays -- Ludus Cov (N-town)
XI. Eng. Myst. Plays -- General & Non-Cycle
XII. Eng. Morality Plays
XIII. Lyrics (incl. Short Misc. Poems)
XIV. Poems of Harley 2253


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I. ROMANCES-GENERAL (see also Orality & Literacy)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


John Stevens,    Medieval Romance: themes & approaches   Hutchinson 73

C. Bullock Davies   MAE 42 73   Form of the Breton lay

Marg. Hurley   Genre 8 73   Saints legends & romance: secularization of structure & motif

K. Hume   PQ 53 74   Formal Nature of ME romance

J. B. Beston   Whiting F/S   Knowledge of breton lai in 14th c England    In Benson's The Learned and the Lewed    Harvard 74

Urs Durmuller,    Swiss St. in Eng. '75   Narrative possibilities of tail-rhyme stanza

F. Jameson   NLH 7 75   Magical narratives: romance as genre

N. Frye,    The secular scripture: structure of romance   Harvard 76

Helen Cooper   M&H 7 76   Magic that does not work

Gisela Guddat-Figge,    Cat. of MSS containing ME Romances   Munich 76

P. Strohm   Genre 10 77   The origin & meaning of ME romance

Susan Wittig   NM 78 77   Formulaic style in ME romance

M. Manzalaoui   Et. Ang. 30 77   The hero transformed: theme in late medieval narrative

Paul Scanlon   Library 33 78   Check-list of prose romances in English 1474-1603

Diana Childress   PQ 57 78   Between Romance & Legend: Secular hagiography in ME lit.

L. Sklute   Genre 11 78   Ambiguity of ethical norms in courtly rom.

Susan Wittig,    Stylistic & Narrative Structures in ME rom.    Texas 78

J. Finlayson   ChauR 15 80   Definitions of ME romance

J. M. Ganim   The lit. rev. 25 80   History & consciousness in ME romance

D. Brewer,    Symbolic Stories: traditional narratives of the family drama in Eng. lit.   Brewer 80

D. H. Green,    Irony in the med. romance   CUP 80

A. V. C. Schmidt & N. Jacobs (ed.),    Medieval English Romances   Hodder & S. 80

Anne Wilson   Traditional romance and tale: How stories mean   Brewer 80

Susan Dannenbaum   RPhil 35 81-2   A-N romances of English heroes: Ancestral romance?

Joachim Bumke,    The Concept of Knighthood in M.A. (trans.)   AMS 82

Lee C. Ramsey,    Chivalric romances: popular lit. in Med. Eng.   Indiana 83

Sarah Kay   ZfFSL 93 83   Epic formula: a reversed definition

John Finlayson   ChauR 19 84-85   Form of ME Lay

S. Knight   Aers, Med. Lit.   The social function of the ME romances    Harvester 86

Carol Fewster,    Traditionality & Genre in ME Romance   Brewer 86

Susan Crane,    Insular Romance: Politics, Faith & Culture in AN & ME   Calif. 86

Joanne A. Rice,    ME Romance: Annot. Bibliog. 1955-83   Garland 87

W. R. J. Barron,    English Med. Romance (Lit. in Eng. series)   Longman 87

Michael Chestnutt   Minstrel reciters & the enigma of the ME rom.    Culture & History 2 87 48-67

D. Brewer,    Studies in Med. Eng. Romances (repr. essays)   Brewer 88

D. V. Harrington   M&H 16 88   Redefining the ME Breton lay

Andrea Hopkins,    The sinful Knights: ME penitential rom.    OUP 90

Murray McGillivray,    Memorization in the Transmission of ME Roms.    Garland 90

A. S. G. Edwards   ME Romance: Limits of Editing, Criticism   In Machan's Med. Lit.   SUNY 91

Anna Reuters,    Friendship and love in ME metr. rom. 1991

M. Mills, J. Fellows, C. Meale (eds.),    Romance in Med. England   Brewer 91

Jenny Fellows   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Editing ME romances

J. J. Thompson   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Lincoln 91, Adv.19.3.1 and Ff.1.6

Gillian Rogers   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Percy folio

Lynne Blanchfield   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Ashmole 61

D. Burnley   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Comforting the troops

Andrew Taylor   YES 22 92   Minstrel narration in the ME romances

Phillipa Hardman   YES 22 92   Fitt divisions in ME rom.

Phillipa Hardman   RMS 18 92   Scholars retelling romances

Anne Wilson   YES 22 92   The critic & the use of magic in narrative

Jennifer Fellows   RMS 19 93   St George as romance hero

Corinne Saunders,    The forest of med. romance   Brewer 93

Geraldine Barnes,    Counsel and strategy in M.E. romance   Brewer 93

Flora Alexander   Women as lovers in ME romance   In Carol Meale (ed.),    Women & Lit. 1993

J. Fellows   Mothers in ME romance   In Meale, Women & Lit. 1993

E. Cuilleanain & J. Pheifer (eds.),    Noble and Joyous Histories: Eng. romances 1375-1650   Dublin 1993

J. Donatelli   EMS 4 93   The Percy Folio MS: a 17th century context for ME poetry

Carol Meale (ed.),    Readings in Med. Eng. Romance   Brewer 94

J. Thompson   Cursor Mundi, `Inglis' and romance   In Meale, Readings 94

Karen Pratt (ed.),    Shifts and transpositions in med. narrative   (Elspeth Kennedy Studies)   Brewer 94

Nancy Bradbury   Literacy, orality, and the poetics of ME romance   In Mark

Amodio (ed.)    Oral poetics in ME poetry    1994

R. Dalrymple   MAE 63 94   Literary use of religious formulae in ME rom.

Karen Winstead   ChYb 2 95   Pious laywomen in ME romance

A. Laskaya & E. Salisbury (eds.),    The ME Breton Lays    TEAMS 95

Murray Evans,    Rereading ME romance: MS layout, decoration and the rhetoric of composite structure   McGill/Queens 95

Stephen Shepherd, ed.   ME romances   Norton Crit. Ed. 95

R. B. Burlin   ChauR 30 95-6    ME romance: the structure of genre

J. Fellows, R. Field, G. Rogers & J. Weiss (eds.),    Romance-reading on the book: essays in med. narrative for M. Mills   Wales 96

J. Thompson   Caligula A.ii, part 1   In Mills F/S 96

D. Huws   Porkington 10   In Mills F/S 96

Lynne Blanchfield   Ashmole 61   In Mills F/S 96

S. Shepherd   MAE 65 96   ME Pseudo-Turpin chronicle

N. Jacobs   Burrow F/S 97   Ricardian romance? critiques and vindications

M. Hebron,    The medieval siege: theme and image in med. romance   OUP 97

John H. Perry   PQ 76 97   Opening the secret - marriage, narration, & nascent subjectivity in ME romance

Geraldine Heng,    Cannibalism, the First Crusade, and the genesis of med. romance, in Jnl of Feminist Cultural Studies 10 1998 98-174

Tracy Adams   Neoph. 82 98   Printing & the transformation of ME romance

J. Finlayson   ChauR 33 98-9   The marvellous in ME romance

Roberta Krueger (ed.),    Cambridge Companion to med. romance   CUP 00

Ad Putter & Jane Gilbert (eds.),    The spirit of med. English popular romance   Longman 00

Michelle Sweeney,    Magic in med. romance   Four Courts 00

Rosalind Field (ed.),    Tradition and Transformation in Med. Romance   Brewer 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)



P. Lucas   MAE 39 70   Launfal

N. T. Harrington   JEGP 69 70   Lacunae in Ywain & Gawain

R. A. Wertimi   PMLA 87 72   Theme & Structure of Stanzaic MA

R. Barber   The figure of Arthur   Longman 72 [Brewer 76]

D. Lane   NM 74 73   Conflict in Launfal

E. B. Lyle   MAE 42 73   Sir Landevale & Thomas of Erceldoune

W. E. Holland   Spec. 48 73   Formulaic diction & the descent of Arthour & Merlin

J. D. Merriman,    The Flower of Kings: Arthurian Legend 1485-1835   Kansas 73

R. W. Ackerman   Hornstein F/S   Madden's Gawain Anthology   In J. B. Bessinger (ed.), Med. Studies   NYUP 76

K. Busby   Et. ang. 31 78   Perceval of Galles as adaptation from French

Sherron Knopp   ELH 45 78   Artistic design in stanzaic MA

R. Barber,    Arthurian legends: illust. anthology   Brewer 78

R. Barber,    King Arthur in legend & history   Brewer 79

Lynn Martin,    Arthur in M.A.: A topical bibliog.   Garland 79

W. R. J. Barron   ES 61 80   Arthurian Romance: traces of an Eng. tradition

David Faris   StN 53 81   Art of adventure in Ywain & G., Eger & Grime

C. Pickford etc. (ed.),    Arthurian bibliog.   Arth. St III 81

Clinton Machann   Neoph. 66 82   Structural Study of Eng. Gawain Romances

Flora Alexander   Arth. Stud. VII   Stanzaic MA: structural, verbal & dramatic irony   In P. B. Grout's The Legend of Arthur in the M.A.   Brewer 83

P. B. Grout (ed.),    Legend of Arthur in M.A.   Arth. St. 83

S. Knight,    Arthurian Lit. & Society   Macmillan 83

R. Dahood (ed.),    Avowing of Arthur   Garland 84

Jas. Wilhelm (ed.),    Romance of Arthur: anthology   Garland 84

E. Reiss, et al,    Arthurian Legend & Lit. Annot. Bibliog.   Garland 84

C. Baswell & Wm. Sharpe (eds.),    The Passing of Arthur: New Essays in Arth. trad.   Garland 87

N. J. Lacy (ed.),    The Arthurian Encyclopaedia   Garland 87 (revised 1991)

David Carlson   Neoph. 72 88   ME Launval and corporal works of mercy

Lister Matheson   Arthur and the Med. Eng. Chronicles   In King Arthur through the Ages, eds. Lagorio & Day   Garland 90

Val. Lagorio & Mildred Day (eds.),    King Arthur through The Ages   Garland 90

Anne Wilson,    The magical quest: the use of magic in Arth. rom.   Longman 90

D. Matthews   Neoph. 76 92   Translation & ideology: Ywain & G

Ad Putter   MAE 63 94   Finding time for romance (Arthur in med. chron.)

J. K. Bollard   Neoph. 78 94   Theme of courtesy in Ywain & G.

M. B. Schichtman & J. P. Carley (eds.),    Culture & the King: the social implications of Arthurian legend: essays for Valerie Lagorio   SUNY 94

T. Hahn (ed.),    Sir Gawain: eleven romances   TEAMS 95

Mary Braswell (ed.),    Sir Perceval & Ywain & Gawain    TEAMS 95

M. Victoria Guerin,    The fall of kings and princes: structures and destruction in Arth. tragedy   Stanford 95

Sian Echard   NMS 40 96   Of Parody & Perceval: Middle Welsh and ME manipulations of the Perceval story

S. Shepherd   The wedding of Sir Gawain and Lady Ragnel   In Mills F/S 96

Eliz. Williams   Images of magic & femininity from Lanval to Lambewell   In Mills F/S 96

C. D. Eckhardt    SP 93 96     Meaning of `Ermonie' in Sir Tristrem

T. Brandsen   Neoph. 81 97   `Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle'

Colleen Donnelly   SP 94 97   Verbal bonds in Wedding of Gawain

David Summers   Exemplaria 9 97   Refashioning Arthur in the Tudor era

Emma Jung & Marie-Louise von Franz,    The Grail Legend   Princeton 98

John Conlee (ed.),    Prose Merlin   TEAMS 98

Frank Brandsma   Neoph. 82 98   Knights' talk: direct discourse in Arth. romance

Sian Echard,    Arth. narrative in the Latin tradition   CUP 98

Beate Schmolke-Hasselman,    The evolution of Arthurian romance [in verse] from Chritien to Froissart   CUP 98

Alan and Barbara Lupack,    King Arthur in America [criticism]   Brewer 99

Claude Luttrell   Neoph. 83 99   Arthurian geography - the islands of the sea

W. R. J. Barron,    The Arthur of the English: The Arthurian legend in med. Eng. life & lit.    U. Wales P 99

James P. Carley (ed.),    Glastonbury Abbey in the Arthurian tradition   Brewer 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


M. Hynes-Berry   Spec. 50 75   Cohesion in King Horn & Orfeo

M. Mills   MAE 45 76   Havelok's return

A. McIntosh   MAE 45 76   Language of extant versions of Havelok

David Staines   Spec. 51 76   Havelok: 13th c Handbook for Princes

J. C. Hirsh   NM 78 77   Havelok 2933 [not a 20-line error - not a minstrel book - no minstrels - study of 3 `minstrel' MSS]

G. B. Jack   Ang. 95 77   Date of Havelok

Georgianna Ziegler   NM 81 80   Structural repetition in King Horn

G. V. Smithers   Davis St.   Scansion of Havelok & use of -en, -e, also Chaucer   In Douglas Gray (ed.), ME Studies   OUP 83

R. S. Allen (ed.),    King Horn   Garland 84

Ralph Hanna   Spec. 60 85   Review of Allen's King Horn

A. C. Spearing   Readings   Early med. narrative style (Horn, Havelok)   CUP 87

G. V. Smithers (ed.),    Havelok   Oxf. 87

G. V. Smithers   MAE 57 88   The style of Havelok

Rosamund Allen   Date & provenance of King Horn   Kane essays 88

J. Finlayson   M&H 18 90    Horn & Havelok: mistaken identities

Robert Levine   YES 22 92   Who composed Havelok for whom

Anne Scott   SP 89 92   Language as convention & sociolect in Havelok

Nancy Bradbury   SP 90 93   The traditional origins of Havelok

R. M. Liuzza   JEGP 93 94   Representation & readership in Havelok

L. O. Purdon   M&H 20 94   Rite of vassalage in Havelok

T. Turville-Petre   Havelok and the history of the nation   In Meale, Readings 1994

C. Stuart   SP 93 96   Havelok & Edward I in the 1290s


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)



L. J. Owen   MAE 40 71   Orfeo

P. J. Lucas   LSE 6 72   Interpretation of Orfeo

N. H. Keeble   ES 56 75   Narrative achievement of Sir Orfeo

M. Hynes-Berry   Spec. 50 75   Cohesion in King Horn & Orfeo

F. Riddy   YES 6 76   Uses of the past in Sir Orfeo

E. B. Lyle   NM 80 79   Orfeo & recovery of Amis in Guy

H. Bergner   RES 30 79   Sir Orfeo & the sacred bonds of matrimony

P. R. Orton   NQ 27 80   Some problems in Sir Orfeo

Patrizia Grimaldi   Sir Orfeo as Celtic Folk hero, Xian pilgrim & med. king   In Alleg., Myth & Symbol, ed. Morton W. Bloomfield   Harvard 81

Rob. M. Longsworth   SP 79 82   Sir Orfeo, the minstrel & the minstrel's art

Seth Lerer   Spec. 60 85   Artifice & artistry in Orfeo

E. C. Ronquist   PQ 64 85   The powers of poetry in Orfeo

R. H. Nicholson   RES 36 85   Orfeo: a 'kynges noote'

A. C. Spearing   Readings   Interpreting a med. romance (Orfeo) CUP 87

D. Pearsall   Madness in Orfeo   In Romance-reading on the book (Mills F/S) 96

Andrea Babich   Neoph. 82 98   The power of the kingdom & the ties that bind in Sir Ordeo

Oren Falk   JMEMS 30 00   The son of Orfeo: kingship & compromise in a ME romance

Alan Fletcher   SAC 22 00   Sir Orfeo & the flight from the enchanters


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


K. Hume   JEGP 69 70   Romance & hagiog. in Amis & Amiloun story

N. Jacobs   NQ 17 70   Degare & Degarre

E. B. Lyle   LSE 4 70   Relationship of Thomas the Rhymer & T. of Erceldoune

N. Jacobs   NM 72 71   Egerton frag. of Sir Degarre

E. B. Lyle   NM 72 71   Visions in Erceldoune & St. Patrick's Purgatory

P. Strohm   Spec. 46 71   Storie, spelle, geste - generic distinctions in ME Troy stories

C. D. Benson   NQ 18 71   Ch. inf. on prose Siege of Troy

K. Hume   SP 70 73   Amis & Amiloun & the aesthetics of ME romance

K. S. Kiernan   SP 70 73   Undo Your Door & the order of chivalry

R. M. Spensley   NM 74 73   Courtly lady in Partonope

M. J. Donovan   Whiting F/S 74   Emare & the cloth worthily wrought

Anne T. Lee   Whiting F/S 74   Le Bone Florence: ME adaptation of Fr.

A. C. Baugh   Libr. Chron. 40 74 15-37   The making of Beves of Hampton

K. S. Kiernan   MLQ 36 75   Athelston & the rhyme of the English romances

B. Rosenberg   NM 76 75   The 3 tales of Sir Degare

K. Hume   NM 76 75   Composition of a med. rom.: Map's Sadrus & Galo

R. Reilly   MS 37 75   The Earl of Toulouse: a Structure of Honour

D. N. Klausner   M&H 6 75   Didacticism & drama in Guy of Warwick

C. F. Heffernan (ed.),    Le Bone Florence   Manch. U.P. 76

C. F. Heffernan   Hornstein F/S 76   Crime & Punishment in Le Bone Florence

J. A. Boyle   BJRL 60 77-8   Alexander romance in East & West

K. Sajavaara   NM 80 79   16thc versions of Robert the Devil

Judith Weiss   MAE 48 79   Major interpolations in Beves

F. McSparran (ed.),    Octovian imperator   MET 79

Betty Hill   NQ 27 80   Parva Recapitulatio of Alexander: ed. of Latin & 15th c English

J. Perryman (ed.),    King of Tars   MET 80

David Faris   StN 53 81   Art of adventure in Ywain & G., Eger & Grime

Betty Hill   LSE 12 81   Alexander romance: the Egyptian connection

N. Jacobs   NQ 29 82   Degare, Freine, Beves, & `Auchinleck Bookshop'

Susan Dannenbaum   Neoph. 67 83   Insular Tradition in the Story of Amis & Amiloun

R. W. Kaeuper   MAE 52 83   A historian's reading of Gamelyn

N. Jacobs   NM 85 84   The second version of Degarre

G. Barnes   MAE 53 84   Cunning & ingenuity in the ME Floris & Blaunchefleur

N. Jacobs   MAE 53 84   Processes of scribal subst. & redaction in Sir Degarre

Diane Speed   Spec. 60 85   The Saracens of King Horn

William Tigges   Neoph. 72 88   Sir Eglamour: the knight who could not say no

Linda Brownrigg   EMS 1 89   Taymouth Hours Beves of Hamtoun (illusts. from romance)

Mary Shaner (ed.),    Sir Gowther   Garland 89

J. Finlayson    SP 87 90    Richard Coer de Lyon: romance/history

Nola Jean Bamberry   MLQ 51 90   The evolution of the popular hero in Octavian

A. Lupack (ed.),    3 Charlemagne romances   TEAMS 90

Carol Meale   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Morgan MS 876 of Generides

S. Shepherd   Rom. in Med. Eng. 91   Sege of Melayne

Brenda Hosington   Partonopeus & 15th c. English trans. In The Medieval Translator II, ed. Roger Ellis   Univ. of London 91

Brenda Hosington   RMS 17 91   Voices of protest & submission: Portraits of women in Partonopeus de Blois & its ME translation

M. Mills   Techniques of trans. in Guy   In The Medieval Translator II ed. Roger Ellis   Univ. of London 91

Mary Hamel (ed.),    The Life of Alex. in the Thornton MS   Garland 92

Julie Burton   YES 22 92   Narrative patterning in Guy

Marg. Robson   YES 22 92   Animal magic: moral regeneration in Gowther

Ann Thompson   Exemp. 5 93   Jaussian expectation and the production of med. narrative - St Eustace and Isumbras

A. S. G. Edwards   Degrevaunt: gender, order and reconciliation   In Meale, Readings 94

J. Scattergood   Gamelyn: noble robber as provincial hero   In Meale, Readings 94

M. Mills   Isumbras and tail-rhyme style   In Meale, Readings 94

J. Burrow   Uses of incognito: Ipomadoun A    In Meale, Readings 94

K   athleen Kelly   SP 91 94   Bartering of Blauncheflur in Floris & B.

M. Robson   Rereading Emare   In Mills F/S 96

Carol Meale   The erl of Tolous   In Mills F/S 96

J. Simons   Robert Parry's `Moderatus'    In Mills F/S 96

J. Fellows   Beves of Hamtoun   Mills F/S 96

H. Hudson (ed.),    Four ME Romances (Isumbras, Octavian, Eglamour, Tryamour)   TEAMS 96

H. Vandelinde   Neoph. 80 96   Sir Gowther, knight & saint

V. B. Richmond,    The Legend of Guy of Warwick   Garland 96

Victoria Weiss   ChauR 31 96-7   Play-world and real world in Erl of Tolous

Edward Foster   ChauR 31 96-7   Simplicity, complexity and morality in 4 med. roms. (Robert, Amadace, Cleges, Amis)

Edward E. Foster (ed.),    Amis & Amiloun, Roberd of Cisyle, and Sir Amadace   TEAMS 97

J. Frankis   MAE 66 97   Taste & patronage in late med. England as reflected in versions of Guy of Warwick

Stephen Powell   Anglia 116 98   Multiplying textuality: generic migration in MSS of Roberd of Cisyle

Marjorie Osborn,    Romancing the Goddess: three ME romances about women   Illinois 98

Stephen Powell   NM 100 99   MS context and the generic instability of Roberd of Cisyle

Phillipa Hardman   RMS 25 99   Dear enemies: the motif of the converted Saracen & GGK [& Charlemagne romances]

Gail Ashton   ChauR 34 99-00   Her father's daughter: re-alignment of father- daughter kinship in 3 romance tales [inc. Emare]

Rosalind Field (ed.),    Tradition and transformation in med. romance   Brewer 00 [includes: Judith Weiss, AN Horn; Stephen Knight, Gamelyn; Diane Speed;

Elizabeth Williams,    The grateful dead; Phillipa Hardman, Sege of Melayne; Rob Wann, Charlemagne romances; Elizabeth Archibald, Huon of Burdeux:

Helen Cooper,    Valentine and Orson]

Ronald Herzman,    Graham Drake & Eve Salisbury (eds.), Four Romances of England   TEAMS 99

Elaine Treharne   RES 50 99   Romanticizing the past in the ME Athelston

Alan Ambrisco   JMEMS 29 99   Cannibalism & cultural encounters in Richard Coeur de Lion

Ad Putter   RES 51 00   Gifts & commodities in Sir Amadace

Jane Gilbert   Unnatural mothers & monstrous children in King of Tars & Sir

Gowther   Riddy essays 00

Anne Savage   Clothing paternal incest in ClkT & Emare   In Riddy essays 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


Victor Turner,    The ritual process: structure & anti-structure   RKP 69

G. A. Runnalls   MAE 39 70   Trade gilds & med. French drama

A. E. Knight   PMLA 86 71   Medieval Theatre of absurd

D. M. Bergeron   JMRS 2 72   Med. Drama and Tudor pageantry

J. Ch. Payen   Et. ang. 25 72   Ordo representationis Adae

L. Randall   Spec. 47 72   Games & the Passion in Pucelle's Hours of J. d'Evreux

S. Sticca   M&H 4 73   Drama & Spirituality in MA

H. Rey-Flaud,    Le cercle magique: théâtre en rond au fin du MA   Paris 73

S. L. Wailes   NM 75 74   Role-playing in Med. comediae & fabliaux

S. J. Kahrl   Whiting F/S   Teaching med. drama as theatre In Benson's The Learned and the Lewed   Harvard 74

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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Ruth Nissé   JMEMS 28 98   Staged interpretations: civic rhetoric & Lollard politics in the York Plays

S. Beckwith   Absent presences: the theatre of resurrection in York   Pearsall essays 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


M. Stevens   Spec. 45 70   The missing part of Towneley cycle

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Martin Stevens   Spec. 52 77   Language as theme in the Wakefield plays

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Theresa Coletti   M&H 9 78   Theology & politics in Towneley Play of Talents

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Jeffrey Helterman,    Symbolic action in plays of Wakefield master   Georgia P. 81

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Lauren Lepow   MP 80 82-3   Shepherds Feast in Prima Past.

Lauren Lepow   PQ 62 83   Drama of Communion: Life of Christ in Towneley cycle

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Canri Agan   SP 94 97   Liminality and salvation in York and Wakefield

J. H. Morey   SP 95 98   Plows, laws, and sanctuary in med. England and the Wakefield Mactacio Abel


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


H.-J. Diller   Ang. 89 71   Chester Shepherds - composition

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R. K. Emmerson   JMEMS 29 99   Contextualizing performance: the reception of the Chester Antichrist


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


M. Eccles   MAE 40 71   N-town cycle - Lincoln or Norfolk?

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Colin Fewer   PQ 77 98   The `Fygure' of the Market: the N-Town Cycle and East Anglian Lay piety


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


D. J. Leigh   MP 67 70   Doomsday mystery plays

T. Rendall   NM 71 70   Liberation from bondage in CC plays

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Jody Enders,    The med. theatre of cruelty   Cornell 99


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


V. J. Scattergood   NQ 17 70   Debate of Nurture & Kind in Harley 541

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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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