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Biophysics 101

Genomics and Computational Biology

George Church, Ph.D. (HMS)






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Problem Sets (Year 2003)

Problem Set Policies

1)      Problem sets are due by 8pm EST of the appropriate Tuesday.

2)      All students should submit the problem sets electronically to the course account: bphys101@fas.harvard.edu. If your email reaches us, you’ll receive an auto-reply, which will serve as a record for your submission. Please keep the auto-reply email till you receive your grade.

3)      Submit your problem set as a Microsoft Word document (preferred) or plain text. Program code and excel spreadsheet need to be submitted as a separate file. All files should be submitted as attachment in one single email. Begin filenames of all submitted files with your first and last names, followed by the problem set number, ending with your TF’s initials, e.g. JohnHarvard_ps1_LZ.doc.

4)      Answers will be posted on the web 48 hours later.

5)      Late problem sets will have 5% deducted per day, with a maximum of 10%. No credit will be given to submissions made after answers are posted (i.e., after 8pm Thursday).

6)      We encourage you to work with other people but you must follow these two rules:

a.      Put the names of those you worked with on your submitted problem set.

b.     Neither the written answers nor code can be identical between any two submissions, i.e. put everything into your own words (or code).

7)      We will answer questions and give advice on the problem sets but will not confirm particular answers before they are submitted.

8)      If a resource needed for the problem set becomes unavailable or is unusable for any reason, contact us immediately. If we cannot resolve the problem quickly enough in our judgment to finish the assignment on time, we will take action to ensure this is not held against the students. It is not acceptable to merely inform us of the problem in your answers. You are responsible for any fixes sent to you by the course staff.


Post date

Due date/time

Answers and explanations

Class Statistics

Sep 16 PS#1

Tue, Sep 30

PS#1 solution

94 (mean) + 15 (SD)

Sep 30 PS#2

Tue, Oct 14

PS#2 solution

83 (mean) + 11 (SD)

Oct 14 PS#3

Tue, Oct 28

PS#3 solution

81 (mean) + 19 (SD)

Oct 28 PS#4

Tue, Nov 11

PS#4 solution

87 (mean) + 13 (SD)

Nov 11 PS#5

Tue, Dec 9

PS#5 solution

81 (mean) + 18 (SD)


Project: 75 (mean) + 16 (SD)

Last year’s problem sets (for your reference):










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