Thirty Year Working Bibliography:
Part II -- Chaucer General

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I. General
II. Manuscripts, Texts, Editing
III. Language, Style, Metre
IV. Audience, Narrator, Reception
V. Women/Feminism
VI. Sources and literary background
VII. Life
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D. Brewer    Spec. 43 68    Class-distinction in Chaucer

H. Smyser    Spec. 45 70    A view of Ch. astronomy

P. M. Kean,     Ch & the making of Eng. poetry   RKP 72

T. W. Ross,     Ch's Bawdy    NY 72

Ian Robinson,     Ch & the English tradition    CUP 72

M. Masui    JEGP 71 72    Chaucer's tenderness & the theme of consolation

Heiner Gillmeister,     Discrecioun, Ch. und die Via Regis    Bonn 72

D. Brewer    E&S 26 73    Honour in Chaucer

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T. A. Stroud    MP 72 74    Genres & Themes: rev. article for books by N. Eliason & J. M. Steadman

J. Norton-Smith,     Geoffrey Chaucer    RKP 74

D. Brewer (ed.),     Writers & their Background    Bell 74

R. H. Robbins (ed.),     Chaucer at Albany    Burt Franklin 75

Ann Haskell    NM 76 75    Pirandellian perspective of Ch.

J. F. Huntsman    MP 73 75    Chaucer and ME dictionaries

A. K. Hieatt,     Chaucer, Spenser & Milton   75

Peter Elbow,     Oppositions in Ch.    Wesleyan U. P 1975

Henry A. Kelly,     Love & Marriage in the Age of Ch.    Cornell 75

P. Boitani    Reading St. 2 76    Chaucer and lists of trees

R. M. Jordan,     Chaucer & the shape of creation    Harvard UP 76

E. Reiss    Hornstein F/S    Chaucer's Fyn lovyng and late med. Fin 'amor    NYUP 76

P. Ruggiers    Hornstein F/S 76   Vocabulary for Chauc. comedy

T. Millns    EC 27 77    Chaucer's suspended judgments

Robert B. Burlin,     Chaucerian Fiction    Princeton 1977

R. A. Peck    Spec 53 78    Chaucer & the Nominalist questions

B. Windeatt    M&H 9 78    Gesture in Chaucer

Mary Jennings    Archiv 215 78    Chaucer's beards

Lee Patterson    UTQ 48 79    Review essay on books by D. Howard, R. Burlin, A. David & J. Gardner

F. Ridley    SAC 1 79    State of Chauc. studies: a brief survey

E. Reiss    SAC 1 79    Chaucer & Medieval Irony

S. Manning    SAC 1 79    Rhetoric, game, morality & G. Chaucer

John P. McCall,     Chaucer among the Gods    Penn State 79

Edward Vasta & Z. P. Thundy (eds.),     Chauc. Problems & Perspectives: Stud. for Paul E. Beichner     Notre Dame 79

R. A. Shoaf    SAC 1 79    Notes towards Ch's poetics of translation

F. Ridley    NM 81 80    Chaucerian Crit. -- Signif. of varying perspectives

Eliz. Salter    SAC 2 80    Ch. & Internationalism

Jean Klene    Viator 11 80    Chauc. contrib. to world-upside-down topos

David Aers,     Chaucer Langland and the Creative Imag.   RKP 80

Stephen Knight    SAC 2 80    Ch. & the sociology of literature

Kenneth Cahn    SAC 2 80    Ch. merchants & the foreign exchange: med. finance

Nicholas Orme    ChauR 16 81    Chaucer and Education

John P. Hermann & John J. Burke,     Signs and Symbols in Ch's Poetry    U. Alabama P. 81

D. Chamberlain     Signs & Symbols 81     Musical signs & symbols in Ch.

D. W. Robertson     Signs & Symbols 81     Simple signs from everyday life in Chaucer

Paula Neuss    RES 32 81   Images of writing & the book in Ch. poetry

J. B. Friedman    SP 78 81    Another look at Chaucer & the Physiognomists

Gale Schricker    PQ 60 81    Relation of fact & fiction in Ch. poetic ending

S. Barney    ChauR 16 81    Suddenness and process in Chaucer

F. Ridley    ChauR 16 81    New critical modes & Chaucer

Donald M. Rose (ed.),     New perspectives in Chaucer criticism   Pilgrim 81

P. B. Taylor    Spec 57 82    Cosyn to the dede

R. Burchfield    E&S 82    Realms & approximations: Sources of Ch. power

Derek Brewer,     Tradition and Innovation in Ch.    Macmillan 82

Ian Bishop    MAE 52 83    Consolation in Ch. [BD, TC, KnT]

Larry Sklute,     Virtue of necessity: inconclusiveness & narrative form in Ch's poetry    Ohio State 84

Piero Boitani,     Chaucer & the Imaginary World of Fame    Ch. Studies X 1984

F. N. M. Diekstra    ES 65 84    Reviews of Ch. Studies I, V, VII, VIII, IX and of C. D. Benson on Troy-story

George Kane,     Chaucer    OUP (Past Masters) 84

D. Brewer,     Introd. to Chaucer    Longman 84

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Anne Middleton    SAC Proc 1 84    War by other means: marriage & chivalry in Ch.

Judith Shaw    ChauR 19 84-85    Lust & Lore in Gower & Chaucer

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R. M. Jordan    SAC Proc 2 86    Todorov, Vinsauf and Chau. Textuality

Peggy Knapp & T. Lawler    SAC Proc 2 86   Deconstructing Ch: Pro & Con

David Aers,     Chaucer    Harvester 86

A. J. Minnis    PBA 72 86    Ch's position on past gentility

H. A. Kelly,     Ch & the cult of St Valentine   Brill 86

R. M. Jordan,     Ch's Poetics & the Modern reader    Calif. 87

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Stephen Knight    LSE 20 89    Ch's British rival (Dafydd)

N. F. Blake    NM 90 89    The Chaucer canon: methodological assumptions

Robert R. Edwards,     The Dream of Ch: Representation & Reflection in the Early Narrative    89

Paul Strohm,     Social Chaucer    Harvard 89

C. Muscatine    Ch's religion & the Chaucer religion    Brewer essays 90

Peggy Knapp,     Ch. & the social contest    Routledge 90

Alan Gaylord    SAC 12 90    Imagining Voices: Ch. on Cassettes (also on picture by Ford Madox Brown)

Phillipa Hardman    MLR 85 90    Narrative typology: Ch's use of the Story of Orpheus

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Jill Mann    Planetary gods in Ch & Henryson    Brewer essays 90

T. Hahn (ed.)     Reconceiving Ch: Lit. theory & Historical Interps.    Exemplaria 2 90)

T. Hahn    Premodern text & Postmodern reader    In Hahn, Exemplaria 90

L. Fradenburg    Loss & Reparation in Ch. poetry    In Hahn, Exemplaria 90

D. Wallace     Ch. body politic: Social & narrative self-regulation    In Hahn, Exemplaria 2 90

Linda Tarte Holley,     Chaucer's measuring eye [optics and perspectivism]    Rice UP 90

D. Benson    Faith & the critical spirit in Ch & his time    In Boitani/Torti (eds.), Religion 90

J. Burrow    SAC 13 91    Poems without endings

John M. Hill,     Chauc. belief: the poetics of reverence & delight    Yale 91

John Fyler     Man, men & women in Ch. poetry    In Edwards & Spector (eds.), The Olde Daunce: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage in Med. World    SUNY 91

John Ganim,     Chaucerian theatricality    Princeton 91

Lee Patterson,     Chaucer & the Subject of History     Wisc. 91

John Fisher    ChYb 1 92    Chaucer's French

John Fisher,     The importance of Chaucer    S. Illinois 92

J. M. Ganim    ChYb 1 92    Ch. ritual and patriarchal romance

Sabine Volk-Birke,     Ch and medieval preaching    92

P. Goodall    ChauR 27 92    Being alone in Ch.

Nigel Saul     Ch. & gentility     In Hanawalt, Ch's Eng. 92

David Wallace    Ch. & the absent city    In Hanawalt, Ch's Eng. 92

A. David    Ch's Edwardian poetry    Howard essays 92

L. Patterson    Writing amorous wrongs: Ch & the order of complaint    Howard essays 92

Sherron Knopp    Augustinian poetic theory & the Chaucerian imagination    Howard essays 92

Alfred David    SAC 15 93    Old, new and young in Ch

Janette Dillon,     Geoffrey Chaucer    1993

J. O. Fichte    Archiv 230 93    Images of Arthurian lit in Ch

C. P. Biggam    ChauR 28 93    Ch's adjectives of hue

P. B. Taylor    ChauR 28 93    Ch's eye of the lynx and the limits of vision

P. Gallacher     ChauR 28 93    Ch and the rhetoric of the body

Andrew Taylor    Exemplaria 5 93    Ch our Derridean contemporary?

M. Connolly    ChauR 29 94    Ch and chess

R. W. Ireland     ChauR 29 94    Ch's toxicology

Jean Jost (ed.),     Chaucer's humour: critical essays    Garland 1994

Robert Myles     ChSt 20 94    Chaucerian Realism

P. B. Taylor     NM 95 94    Chaucer's names [Geoffrey/Gaufred]

Jane Chance,     The mythographic Chaucer: the fabulation of sexual politics    Minn 94

W. Watts & R. J. Utz    M&H 20 94    Nominalist perspectives in Ch's poetry: a bibliog. essay

A. Butterfield    Pastoral and the politics of plague in Machaut and Chaucer    SAC 16 94

K. Lynch    Partitioned fictions: the meaning & importance of walls in Ch's poetry    Frank essays 94

C. Collette    Ch's discourse of Mariology: gaining the right to speak    Frank essays 94

P. Strohm    SAC 17 95    Chaucer's Lollard joke: history and the textual unconscious

Jill Mann    SAC 17 95    Chaucer and atheism

Jessica Watson,     Bastardy as gifted status in Chaucer and Malory    Mellen 96

P. B. Taylor,     Ch's chain of love    Fairleigh Dickinson P. 96

Ann Astell,     Ch and the universe of learning    Cornell 96

Michaele P. Grudin,     Ch and the politics of discourse    USC 96

Seth Lerer    Exemplaria 8 96 The Chaucerian critique of med. theatricality

Norman Klassen,     Chaucer on Love, Knowledge and Sight    Ch. Studies XXI Brewer 95

H. A. Kelly,     Chaucerian Tragedy (Ch. Stud. 24)    Brewer 97

S. H. Rigby,     Chaucer in context: society, allegory, gender    Manch. 97

Lynn Staley    Ch and the postures of sanctity    In Aers and Staley, The Powers of the Holy Penn State 97

A. J. Minnis    Burrow essays 97    Looking for a sign: the quest for nominalism in Ch and Langland

Peter Travis    Spec. 72 97    Ch's heliotropes and the poetics of metaphor

P. B. Taylor    ChYbk 4 97    Ch's strategies of translation

David Wallace,     Chaucerian polity    Stanford 97

Ann Astell    SP 94 97    Ch's `St Anne trinity' -- devotion, dynasty, dogma, debate

D. Wallace     SAC 19 97    In Flaundres

David DeVries    ChauR 32 97-8    Ch and the idols of the market

P. Beidler (ed.),     Masculinities in Ch    (Ch St 25) 98

D. Brewer,     A new introd. to Ch    Longman 88, new edn 98

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Lilian Bisson,     Ch & the late med. world    Macmillan 98

P. B. Taylor,     Chaucer translator    Univ. Press of America 98

Stephen Knight    NMS 43 99    `Love's altar in the forest glade': Ch in the light of Dafydd ap Gwilym

T. P. Dolan    Ch's sense of wealth    Blake essays 99

L. Mooney    Ch & astronomy at the court of Richard II    Blake essays 99

D. Pearsall    PBA 101 99    Chaucer & Englishness

D. Aers    Interpreting dreams: reflections on Freud, Milton & Chaucer    In P. Brown (ed.)     Reading dreams 99

Peter Brown (ed.),     A Companion to Chaucer    Blackwell 00

L. M. Clopper    SAC 22 00    The engaged spectator: L & Ch on civic spectacle & the theatrum

Michaela P. Grudin    ChauR 35 00    Credulity & the rhetoric of orthodoxy: from Averroes to Ch

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F. W. Bateson     EC 25 75    Could Ch. spell? [on text and presentation]

E. T. Donaldson     Hornstein F/S 76    Some readings in CT [armee/aryuee, &c. ]

H. Kelliher    NQ 1977. 197    Historiated Initial in Devonshire Chaucer

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Janet Cowen    NQ 28 81    18thc ownership of 2 Chauc. mss.

L. D. Benson    SAC 3 81    The order of the CT

N. F. Blake    Bennett F/S 81    On editing the CT

N. F. Blake    Archiv 218 81    Critics, criticism & order of CT

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Emerson Brown    ChauR 21 86-87    KnT 2639: guilt by punctuation

J. H. Fisher    Spec. 63 88    Animadversion on text of Chaucer

R. Hanna    SAC 10 88    Authorial versions, rolling revision and scribal error: Truth

Chas. Owen    ChauR 23 88-89    Pre-1450 MSS of CT

M. C. Seymour    ChauR 24 89-90    Of this Cokes Tale. . .

Seth Lerer    Textual crit. & lit. theory: Ch. & his readers    In Hahn (ed.), Exemplaria 2 90

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J. Eadie    ES 71 90    Importance of Hengwrt: 2 studies

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R. Hanna    Presenting Ch. as author    In Machan, Med. Lit &npsp; &npsp; &npsp; SUNY 91

Kathleen Hewett-Smith    SAC 13 91    Transcript error & the text of TC

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C. A. Owen    ChYb 1 92    CT beginnings (3) and endings (2-1)

Charlotte Morse    NQ 238 93    The MSS of CT

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J. Eadie    NM 96 95    WB's non-Hengwrt lines -- authorial or editorial?

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B. Donaghey    Thynne's 1532 Chaucer    In Scattergood & Boffey (eds.), Texts and their contexts 97

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J. Boffey & A. S. G. Edwards     SAC 20 98    Shirley and the Ch canon

N. Blake    Anglia 116 98    Editing the CT: preliminary observations

Kathleen Forni    ChYb 5 98    The Ellesmere order -- is it Chaucer's?

S. Horobin    NM 99 98    The `hooked g' scribe and his work on 3 MSS of the CT

Joseph A. Dane    Archiv 235 98    The Chaucerian reception of Henry Bradshaw

Mary Erler    ChauR 33 98-9    Printer's copy: Bodley 638 & PF

Peter Robinson    Can we trust Hengwrt?    Blake essays 99

S. Horobin    Neoph. 84 00    Scribe of Helmingham & Northumberland MSS of CT

S. Partridge    Minding the gaps: interpreting MS evidence of CkT & SqT    Griffiths essays 00

N. Blake    Links in CT    Waldron essays 00

N. Blake    New Approach to witnesses & texts of CT    In Pearsall (ed.), New Directions 00

Joel Fredell    SAC 22 00    The lowly paraf: transmitting MS design in CT

S. Partridge     MS glosses to CT    Brewer 00

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J. D. Burnley     Neoph. 56 72    Chaucer's art of verbal allusion -- 2 notes

P. G. Adams    JEGP 71 72    Chaucer's assonance

M. L. Samuels    NQ 19 72    Chaucerian final -- e

Fitzroy Pyle    MAE 42 73    Chaucer's prosody

D. Brewer    PBA 60 74    Towards a Chaucerian poetic

F. W. Bateson    EC 25 1975    Could Ch. spell?

J. D. Burnley    YES 7 77    Chaucer's Termes

D. W. Robertson    Spec. 52 77    Some disputed Ch. terminology

W. Scheps    NM 80 79    Nonce words in Ch.

Judith Grossman    SAC 1 79    Some `buts' in Barbour & Chaucer

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M. L. Samuels    Davis St. 83    Chaucer's spelling

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J. Fisher, Heffernan,    Pop. Lit.: Chaucer & the written language    Tenn. 85

Phillipa Hardman    RES 37 86    Chaucer's Muses and his `art poetical'

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D. Burnley,     The Language of Chaucer    Macmillan 89

J. J. Smith & M. L. Samuels,     The English of Chaucer & his Contemps.    Aberdeen 89

J. Stevens     Chaucerian metre & early Tudor songs    Brewer essays 90

C. & N. Barber    LSE 21 90    Versification of CT -- computerised statistical study (cont. in LSE 22 91)

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D. Pearsall    Ch's metre: the evidence of the MSS    In T. W. Machan, Med. Lit. 91

J. I. Wimsatt,     Chaucer & his French Contemps.: natural music in the 14th c. (sound and sense)    Toronto 91

L. Benson    EMS 3 92    Ch's spelling reconsidered

P. R. Richardson    ChauR 28 93     Ch's final -e: some discourse considerations

J. I. Wimsatt    MLQ 55 94    Rhyme/reason, Chaucer/Pope, Icon/symbol

D. Burnley    Ang. 114 96    Ch's literary terms

J. A. Dane    JEGP 95 96    Queynte: a Chaucerian pun

Christopher Cannon    Spec. 71 96    Myth of origin and the making of Ch's English

C. Cannon,     The making of Chaucer's English    CUP 98

D. Pearsall     The weak declension of the adj. & its importance in Chaucerian metre    Blake essays 99

Alan Gaylord (ed.)     The art of Chaucer's verse    Garland 99

Martin Duffell    ChauR 34 99-00    Ch's invention of the iambic pentameter

Elizabeth Solopova    Parergon 18 00    Computer-assisted study of Ch's metre

W. A. Davenport    Parergon 18 00    Ballades, French & English, & Ch's `scarcity' of rhyme

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T. J. Garbaty    PMLA 89 74    Degradation of Geoffrey [dev. of narrator]

Dieter Mehl    Robbins F/S 74    Audience of Troilus

Alice Miskimin,     The Renaissance Chaucer    Yale UP 75

D. Pearsall     YES 7 77    The Troilus Frontispiece & Ch's audience

Dieter Mehl    LSE 10 78    Chaucer's audience

D. Brewer (ed.),     Chaucer: The Critical Heritage    RKP 78

E. Reiss    ChauR 14 80    Ch. & his audience

B. Rowland    SAC 4 82    Pronuntiatio and its effect on Ch. audience

J. C. Eade    SAC 4 82    Ch. astronomy and audience participnet.

P. Strohm    SAC 4 82    Ch's 15thc. audience & the narrowing of Ch. trad.

P. Strohm    ChauR 18 83-84    Chaucer's audiences(s): fictional, implied, actual

R. F. Green     ChauR 18 83-84    Women in Chaucer's audience

R. T. Lenaghan    ChauR 18 83-84    Ch's circle of gentlemen & clerks

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