Derek Pearsall's
Thirty Year Working Bibliography:
Part III -- Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales

List of Categories:


I. Canterbury Tales--General

II. General Prologue

III. Knight's Tale (and Fragment I)

IV. Miller's Tale (and fabliaux in general)

V. Reeve's Tale/Cook's Tale

VI. Man of Law's Prologue & Tale

VII. Wife of Bath's Prol & Tale (& `marriage group')

VIII. Friar's Tale

IX. Summoner's Tale

X. Clerk's Tale

XI. Merchant's Tale

XII. Squire's Tale

XIII. Franklin's Tale (and `romances' generally)

XIV. Physician's Tale

XV. Pardoner's Prologue & Tale

XVI. Tale of Sir Thopas

XVII. Shipman's Tale (and Fragment VII generally)

XVIII. Prioress's Tale

XIX. Tale of Melibee

XX. Monk's Tale

XXI. Nun's Priest's Tale

XXII. Second Nun's Tale

XXIII. Canon's Yeoman's Prologue & Tale

XXIV. Manciple's Tale

XXV. Parson's Tale and Retraction


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I. CHAUCER -- CT GENERAL (1970 onwards only:
subsequent CT entries list some earlier items)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


P. Strohm    MP 68 69    Some generic distinctions [tale, story, &c.]

E. Reiss    SP 67 70    Pilgrimage narrative & CT

D. R. Howard    ELH 38 71    CT: Memory & Form

J. H. Fisher    MLR 67 72    Chaucer's last revision of CT

J. K. Anderson    Orbis 27 72    Framework Structure of CT

J. H. Wilson    NM 74 73    Pard. and 2nd Nun and order of CT

T. D. Cooke & B. L. Honeycutt,    The Humour of the Fabliaux    Missouri 1974

R. A. Pratt    PQ 54 75    Chaucer's title: The Tales of Canterbury

S. Gallick    Spec. 50 75    A Look at Ch. & his preachers

G. D. Economou    PQ 54 75    Use of bird-cage imagery in CT

Walter Scheps    ChauR 10 75    The tale-telling competition

N. Harrington    ChauR 10 76    The framing of the CT

D. R. Howard    E&S 29 76    Chaucer's Idea of an Idea

J. Leyerle    E&S 29 76    Thematic interlace in CT

Z. Thundy    NM 77 76    Quest for wisdom in CT

E. D. Blodgett    Spec. 51 76    Chaucerian pryvetee & the opposition to Time

D. R. Howard,    The Idea of the CT    Calif. 76

C. A. Owen,    Pilgrimage & Storytelling    Oklahoma 77

Chas. Blyth    EC 27 77    [review of Howard]

D. W. Robertson    M&H 8 77    [review of Howard]

Ruth Ames    Acta 4 77    Prototype & parody in Chaucerian exegesis

David Pichaske & Laura Sweetland    ChauR 11 77    Host (and medieval monarchy)

T. Stemmler,    Ellesmere mins. of Cant. pilgrims    Mannheim 77

T. D. Cooke,    The OF & Chaucerian Fabliaux: A study of comic climax (Missouri 1978)

Sophia & Harriet Lee,    The Canterbury Tales (new, 1832)    AMS 78

V. M. Richmond    Viator 10 79    Chauc's presentation of marriage -- pacience in adversitee

P. Strohm    SAC 1 79    Form & social statement in CA & CT

Stewart Justman    ChauR 14 80    Literal & symbolic in the CT

Michael Stugrin    ChauR 15 80    Significance of Pathos in CT

Traugott Lawler,    The One and the Many in the CT    Hamden: Archon Books 80

N. F. Blake (ed.),    CT    Arnold 80

J. B. Allen & Theresa A. Moritz,    A distinction of stories: the med. unity of the CT    Ohio State 81

J. J. Anderson (ed.),    Chaucer: CT    Macmillan Casebooks 81

L. M. Leitch    ChauR 17 82    Sentence & Solaas: Function of host in CT

Douglas Wurtele    ChauR 17 82    Physiognomical lore in CT

Richard Rex    MP 80 82-3    `Spiced conscience' in CT

Kath. S. Gittes    PMLA 98 83    CT & Arabic frame tradition

Lois Roney    ES 64 83    Theme of Protagonist's intention vs. Actual outcome in CT

M. W. Bloomfield    LSE 14 83    The CT as framed narratives

D. Traversi,    The CT: A Reading    Delaware 83

D. Pearsall    Epidemic irony in modern approaches to the CT    In Boitani/Torti (eds.),    Med. & pseudo-med. lit. 84

Helen Cooper,    The Structure of the CT    Duckworth 84   

V. A. Kolve,    Ch. and the Imagery of Narrative    Arnold 84

D. Pearsall,    The Cant. Tales (crit. study)    Allen & Unwin 85

J. V. Fleming    Ch. & Erasmus on the pilg. to Cant: an iconographical speculation.    In Heffernan, Pop. Lit. 85

James Dean    PMLA 100 85    Dismantling the Canterbury book [closure themes in last 4 tales]

R. P. McGerr    CL 37 85    Retrospective Structure in CT

T. M. Smallwood    SP 82 85    Ch's distinctive digressions in CT

Carl Lindahl    ELH 52 85    The festive form of the CT

Saul Brody    ChauR 20 85-86    Ch's rhyme royal tales & secularisation of saint

A. Blamires    The Cant. Tales (Series: The Critics Debate)    Macm. 86

J. O. Fichte (ed.),    The Physical & the metaphysical: 6 lectures on the CT    Gunther Narr 86

Roger Ellis,    Patterns of Religious Narrative in the CT    Barnes & N. 86

J. Burrow    EC 36 86    Chaucer's Cant. pilgrimage [frame, esp. Ck/manciple]

Penelope Curtis    Russell F/S 86    Some disincarnational impulses in CT, in Med.

English Religious & Ethical Lit.,    G. Kratzmann (ed)    Brewer 86

Stephen Knight    Russell F/S 86    Ch's religious Cant. Tales

R. W. V. Elliott    Russell F/S 86    Ch's clerical voices

Paul A. Olson,    The CT & the Good Society    Princeton 86

Jon Cook    In Aers, Med. Lit. 86    Carnival and the CT

C. D. Benson,    Ch's drama of style: poetic variety & contrast in CT    UNC 86

J. Fichte (ed.),    Chaucer's Frame Tales: phys. & metaphys.    Brewer 87

P. B. Taylor    Pre-Text & Para Texts: WB, Pard. & Thopas    In The Structure of Texts, ed. Udo Fries    87

D. Lawton    SAC 9 87    Ch's 2 ways: the pilg frame of the CT

Carl Lindahl,    Earnest games: folkloric patterns in CT    Indiana 87

P. Brown & A. Butcher,    The Age of Saturn: Lit. & Hist. in the CT    Blackwell 88

Sheila Fisher,    Chaucer's poetic alchemy: a study of value & its transformation in the CT WB, ShipT, CY.    Garland 88

Laura Kendrick,    Comedy & Control in the CT    U Calif 88

Leonard M. Koff,    Ch and the Art of Storytelling    U Calif 88

Helen Cooper (ed.),    Oxford Guides to Chaucer: The CT OUP 89

V. A. Kolve (ed.),    CT: GP and 9 Tales    Norton Crit. ed.    89

Caroline Eckhardt    MP 87 89-90    Ch's Franklin & others of the Vavasour family

C. D. Benson    The aesthetic of Ch religious tales in rhyme royal.    In Boitani/Torti, Religion    Brewer 90

Jill Mann    PBA 76 90    Anger and glosynge in CT

Linda Georgianna    SAC 12 90    Love so dearly bought: The terms of redemption in CT

H. Marshall Leicester,    The disenchanted self: representing the subject in CT    Calif 90

Dolores Frese,    An Ars Legenda for CT: A re-constructive reading    Florida 91

Susanna G. Fein, David Raybin & Peter C. Braeger (eds.),    Rebels & rivals: the contestive spirit in the CT    91

Richard Neuse,    Chaucer's Dante: allegory & epic theater in CT    Calif 91

M. Andrews (ed.),    Critical essays on CT    Toronto 91

Katharine S. Gittes,    Framing the CT: Ch. & the med. frame-narrative tradition    Greenwood P 91

C. D. Benson & Elizabeth Robertson (eds.),    Ch. Relig. Tales Ch. St. XV    Brewer 91 [general essays by D. Pearsall, B. Nolan, R. W. Frank, L. Georgianna; also essays on individual tales, separately listed]

P. B. Taylor    ES 72 91    The uncourteous knights of the CT

Denise Baker    MAE 60 91    Ch and moral philosophy: the virtuous women of the CT

W. Martindale    ChauR 26 91    Ch's merchants

S. Eisner    ChauR 27 92    The Canterbury day

R. Hanning    Pryvetee & poetry in CT: Howard essays 92

D. Weisberg ChauR 27 92    Framing strategy in the CT

J. Lionarono    ChauR 27 92    Technology & deception in CT

Jerome Mandel,    Building the fragments in CT    AUP 92

Eliz. Dobbs    SAC 14 92    Literal, legal and last judgments in CT

Michaela Grudin    PMLA 107 92    Discourse & the problem of closure in CT

Glending Olson    Chaucer's idea of a Canterbury game    In Howard essays 92

Brenda Schildgren    SAC 15 93    Jerome's Prefatory Epistles to the bible, and the CT

Grace Wilson    ChauR 28 93    Seneca and the CT

P. Portnoy    ChauR 28 93    Beyond the Gothic cathedral: reflections on the CT

Mary F. Braswell    SAC 16 94    Chaucer's `court baron': law and the CT

J. R. Andreas    ChauR 29 94    Rhetoric of CT links

K. Jacobs    ChauR 29 94    Adultery in CT

Susan Crane,    Gender & Romance in CT    Princeton 94

R. Boenig,    Chaucer & the Mystics: CT & Devot. Prose    Bucknell UP 95

P. B. Taylor    Exemplaria 7 95    Time in the CT

Angela Jane Weisl,    Gender and genre in Ch's romance    Ch. Studies XXII    Brewer 95

I. Taavitsainen    ChauR 30 95-6    Narrative patterns of affect in 4 genres of CT

Anne Laskaya,    Ch's approach to gender in CT    Ch Studies XXIII    Brewer 96

N. S. Thompson,    Ch's Boccaccio and the debate of love: CT and Decameron    OUP 96

John Hirsh    ChauR 31 96-7    Ch's Roman tales

H. A. Kelly    ChauR 31 96-7    Neo-revisionist look at Ch's nuns

Anne McIlhanney    ChauR 31 96-7    Role of fiend in CT

Helen Cooper    SAC 19 97    Sources and analogues of Ch's CT [general structure]

D. Pearsall    Burrow Essays 97    Pre-empting closure in CT

David Carlson    Library 19 97    Woodcut illustrations of the CT, 1483-1602

Wendy Harding    ChauR 32 97-8    Function of pity in 3 CT (KnT, ClkT, ParsT)

J. S. Russell,    Ch and the Trivium: the Mindsong of the CT    Florida 98

W. A. Davenport,    Ch and his English contemps -- Prol and tale in CT    St Martins 98

Helen Phillips,    Introd. to CT    Macmillan 99

Edward I. Condren,    Ch & the energy of creation: design & organisation in CT    Florida 99

Leonard Koff & Brenda Schildgen (eds.),    The Decameron and the Cant. Tales: new essays on an old question    Fairleigh Dickinson UP 00

Carter Revard    MAE 69 00    From French `fabliau MSS' and Harley 2253 to the Decameron and CT


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


E. Duncan    In Walter Clyde Curry F/S    1926

J. M. Manly,    Some New Light on Chaucer    Holt & Co. 26

K. Malone    In Chapters on Chaucer    Johns Hopkins 51

J. V. Cunningham    MP 49 52    Literary form of GP

E. T. Donaldson    PMLA 69 54    Chaucer the pilgrim

Arthur Hoffman    ELH 21 54    The Two Voices in GP

J. Swart Neoph. 38 54    Construction of GP

Rosemary Woolf    Critical Quarterly 1 59    Ch. as satirist in GP

John M. Major    PMLA 75 60    Personality of Ch. the pilgrim

Ruth Nevo    MLR 58 63    Motive & mask in GP

Harold F. Brooks,    Chaucer's Pilgrims: Artistic order of the portraits in the Prologue    Methuen 65

C. Muscatine    In Chaucer & Chaucerians, ed. D. S. Brewer (1966)

M. Copland    NQ 17 70     After hir mete she raughte

R. Pearcy    NQ 17 70    Friar -- at his owne cost

D. E. Berndt    SP 68 71    Monastic acedia and Chaucer's Monk

C. Wood    ES 52 71    Jousting & dancing as attrib. of Squire [symbols of lechery in Livre de Seyntz Medecines]

D. L. Jeffrey    JEGP 70 71    Friar's rent

R. B. White    JEGP 70 71    Chaucer's Monk

D. Knapp    ELH 39 72    Relyk of a Seint: a gloss on Ch. pilgrimage

B. Z. Kedar    Stud. med. 13 72    Passenger list of a crusade ship 1250

Roy Pearcy    ChauR 8 73    Ch.'s Franklin & the literary vavasour

G. Engelhardt    MS 36 74    Lay pilgrims of CT

G. Engelhardt     MS 37 75    Ecclesiastical pilgrims: a study in ethology

C. D. Eckhardt    YES 5 75    The number of Ch. pilgrims

Gerald Morgan    ES 58 77    Universality of portraits

Penn R. Szittya    Spec 52 77    Antifraternal trad. in ME lit.

Gerald Morgan    ES 59 78    Design of GP

Hugh Keenan    NM 79 78    Franklin's feast & eucharistic shadows

Loy Martin    ELH 45 78    History and Form in GP

Kenneth Cahn    SAC 2 80    Ch. merchants & the foreign exchange: med. finance

H. M. Leicester    PMLA 95 80    Art of impersonation: GP

Rudy Spraycar    NM 81 80    Ch on Nature in GP opening

Larry Sklute    StN 52 80    Catalogue form & catalogue style

Gerald Morgan    ES 62 81    Rhetorical perspectives in GP

Peter Goodman    MAE 50 81    Ch. `burgesses' and the aldermen of London

Chauncey Wood    Use of signs in portrait of Prioress    In J. P. Hermann & J. J. Burke (eds.),    Signs & Symbols in Ch's Poetry    Alabama 81

John V. Fleming    ChauR 15 81    Daun Piers & Dom Pier: Waterless Fish & Unholy Hunters

Karl Wentersdorf    StN 53 81    The termes of Ch. ML

Leger Brosnahan    ChauR 16 82    Authenticity of preestes thre

Eamon Grennan    ChauR 16 82    Use of but in portrait of Pars

G. A. Lester    Neoph. 66 82    Ch. Knight & the med. tournament [cf. also NQ 28 81]

Paul B. Taylor    ChauR 17 82    Alchemy of Spring in GP

C. A. Owen    LSE 14 83    Dev. of art of portraiture in GP

Nigel Saul    MAE 52 83    Social status of Franklin

Pat. Eberle    ChauR 18 83-84    Commercial Language & outlook in GP

Wm. Urban    ChauR 18 84    When was Ch's Knight in Ruce?

Melvin Storm    ChauR 19 84    Ch's Franklin & distraint of knighthood

W. Rothwell    MLR 80 85    Stratford atte Bowe & Paris [French borrowing attested before Chauc]

Wm. McColly    ChauR 20 85    Ch's Yeoman & the rank of knight

Glending Olson    ChauR 21 86    Ch's Monk: the Rochester Connection

Barbara Nolan    PMLA 101 86    Ch's voices in GP

John Pratt    ChauR 22 87-8    Was Ch's Knt really a mercenary?

B. J. Harwood    RES 39 88    The `fraternite' of Ch's guildsmen

Caroline D. Eckhardt,    The GP: Annot. bibliog. 1900-82    88

Malcolm Andrew    ChauR 23 88-9    Context & judgment in GP

Bruce Moore    MAE 58 89    The reeve's rusty blade [rusty referring to corrosive power of envy]

Laurel Braswell-Means    ChauR 25 90-91    Ch's Summoner & physiognomia

Laura Hodges    ChauR 26 91    The Monk's costume

Rob. Swanson    SAC 13 91    Ch's Parson & other priests

Andrew Breeze    RMS 17 91    Ch, St Loy & the Celts

D. Maxfield    ChauR 28 93    St Mary Rouncivale

S. Eisner    ChauR 28 93    The Ram revisited

Emerson Brown    Medievalia 15 93    What's wrong with being a worthy Knt?

F. B. Jonassen    SAC 16 94    Carnival food-imagery in the desc. of Franklin

J. D. Zatta    ChauR 29 94-5    Ch's Monk: a hunter

Laura Hodges    ChauR 29 94-5    Costume rhetoric in portrait of Knt

R. Rex,    The Sins of Madame Eglentyne    Delaware 95

J. I. Wimsatt    Spec. 71 96    Duns Scotus, Charles Saunders Pierce, and the portrayal of Ch. pilgrims

Mary Maleski    ChYb 5 98    The culpability of Ch's Prioress

Brian Castle    NM 99 98    Ch's `shaply' guildsmen and mercantile pretension

L. Purdon & J. Wasserman    ChauR 33 98-9    The Franklin, food and the Freemen of York

P. Hardwick    ChauR 33 98-9    Ch: the poet as ploughman

Mel Storm    SP 96 99    Speech, circumspection and orthodontics in MancPT and WB's portrait

Colin Wilcockson    RES 50 99    The opening of GP: a diptych

Laura Hodges    ChauR 34 99-00    Ch's Friar: `typet' and `semycope'

Laura Hodges,    Chaucer and Costume: the secular pilgrims in the GP    Brewer 00

A. Blamires    RES 51 00    Ch the reactionary: ideology & GP


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III.    KNIGHT'S TALE (inc. Fragment I in general)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


W. C. Curry    In Ch. & the Med. Sciences    OUP 26 rev. 60

J. R. Hulbert    SP 1929    The aim of the KnT

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C. Muscatine    PMLA 65 50    Form, Texture, and Meaning in KnT

William G. Stokoe    UTQ 21 52    The first fragment -- structure & intention

Charles A. Owen    ES 35 54    Aesthetic Design in Tales of the first day

P. F. Baum    In Chaucer: A Crit. Appreciation    Duke 58

Robert A. Pratt    JEGP 57 58    Joy after wo in the KnT

J. Wordsworth    MAE 27 58    Link of KnT & MillT

Dale Underwood    ELH 26 59    The first of the CT

J. Halverson    SP 57 60    Aspects of order in the KnT

E. Salter    In Chaucer: KnT & ClkT    London 62

Richard Neuse    UTQ 31 62    The Knight: The first mover in Ch. comedy

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Donaldson    Davis F/S 83    Arcite's Injury

Eliz. Salter    In 14thc Eng. Poetry    OUP 83

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Emerson Brown    ChauR 21 86    KnT 2639: guilt by punctuation

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Susan Crane    SAC 12 90    Med. romance & feminine difference in KnT

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J. Finlayson    ChauR 27 92    KnT -- romance, epic, philosophy

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Helen Cooney    Wonder and Boethian Justice in KnT       In Cuilleanain & Pheifer, Noble & Joyous 1993

Mark Sherman    Exempl. 6 94    Politics of discourse in KnT

Mary Carruthers    Seeing things: locational memory in KnT    In Frank essays 94

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Laurel Amtower    Exemplaria 8 96    Mimetic desire and misappropriation of the ideal in KnT

Louise Fradenburg    JMEMS 27 97    Sacrificial desire in KnT

Margaret Allessy    ChauR 32 97-8    Ch's knowledge of buildings in KnT

Timothy O'Brien    ChauR 33 98-9    Fire & blood: `queynte' imaginings in Diana's temple


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IV.    MILLER'S TALE (also fabliaux in general)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


E. Talbot Donaldson    Idiom of popular poetry in MillT    In Engl. Inst. Essays 1950, ed. A. S. Downer Columbia UP 51

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Paul Olson    MLQ 24 63    Poetic justice in MillT

S. Wenzel    NQ 17 70    Ch. and Grosseteste in MillT & SummT

Beryl Rowland    ChauR 5 70    Play of MillT: game within a game

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N. T. Harrington    ChauR 10 76    Framing of CT [special att. to MillT-RvT]

Peter Beidler    ChauR 12 77    Art and Scatology in MillT

Michael Blecher    NM 79 78    Ch's Nicholas & St. Nicholas

Mary Jane Schenck    CL 30 78    Functions & Roles in Fabliau

B. Rowland    StN 51 79    What Ch. did to the fabliau

N. F. Blake    NQ 26 79    `Astromye' in MillT Cf. NQ 28 1981

Geoff. Cooper    JEGP 79 80    `Sely John' in MillT

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Roger Sell    ES 66 85    Tellability & politeness in MillT. first steps in literary pragmatism

Macklin Smith    SAC 8 86    Or I wol caste a ston [MillT -- parody of women taken in adultery]

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P. Brown    MAE 79 00    `shot wyndowe' in MillT

Mark Miller    ELH 67 00    Naturalism & its discontents in MillT


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Elizabeth Fowler    The empire & the waif: consent & conflict of laws in MLT    Pearsall essays 00


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VII.    WIFE OF BATH'S PROLOGUE AND TALE (and `marriage-group')
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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D. Silvia    NQ 1967    [Yes he is]

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Olga Fisher    ES 66 85    Gower's Florent & WBT: stylistic comparison

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Andrew Galloway    SAC 14 92    Marriage sermons, polemical sermons, & WBP

Wim Tigges    ES 73 92    Reading of WBT

Timothy O'Brien    MLQ 53 92    Troubling waters: the feminine in the WB's performance

Laura Hodges    ChauR 27 92    WB's costumes

A. Lindley    ELH 59 92    Alisoun's absence in WBPT

John Oppel    Viator 24 93    St. Jerome & the history of sex

Lynne Dickson    SAC 15 93    Feminine discourse in WBPT

Cath. Cox    Exemp. 5 93    Promiscuous glossing in WBP

Michael Calabrese,    Ch and the Ovidian arts of love    Florida 1994

A. Spearman    ChauR 29 94-5    How WB misuses proper names

T. A. Van    ChauR 29 94-5    False texts and disappearing women in WBPT

Edward Vasta    Exemplaria 7 95    Ch, Gower & the unknown minstrel: the literary liberation of the loathly lady

Beverly Kennedy    ChauR 30 95-6    Dd. 4. 24 -- misogynous scribe of WBP

Kathryn McKinley    ChauR 30 95-6    Silenced knight: power and reciprocity in WBP

Mishtooni Bose    MAE 65 96    From exegesis to appropriation: the medieval Solomon

Susan Morrison    Exemplaria 8 96    Don't ask, don't tell: WB and vernacular translation

Carol Brown    ChauR 31 96-7    Structure and meaning in WBT

Susanne Thomas    ChauR 31 96-7    Buried legal argument in WBP

Warren Smith    ChauR 32 97-8    WB debates Jerome

Charles Henebry    ChauR 32 97-8    Apprentice/clerk Jankyn and development of WBP

Martin Puhvel    NM 100 99    WBT -- the mirror of her mind

James Marchand    NM 100 99    quoniam in WBP 608

Edgar Laird    ChauR 34 99-00    The astronomer Ptolemy and the morality of WBP

Robert Longsworth    ChauR 34 99-00    The WB and the Samaritan woman

Kathleen Biddick    JMEMS 30 00    The cut of genealogy: pedagogy in the blood [WBT]

S. H. Rigby    ChauR 35 00    The WB, Christine de Pizan, & the medieval case for women

J. B. Friedman    ChauR 35 00    Alice of Bath's astral destiny: a reappraisal


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Glending Olson    SAC 6 84    Sittingbourn

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Mary F. Godfrey    Exemplaria 9 97    Only words: cursing and the authority of language in FriT

Daniel T. Kline    PQ 77 98    Oath-making and intent in FriT


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


Earle Birney    Ang. 78 60    Structural irony in SummT

John F. Adams    EC 12 62    Structure of irony in SummT

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Catherine Cox    Exemplaria 7 95    `Grope wel bihynde': the subversive erotics of SummT

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Alan Fletcher    SAC 18 96    Summoner & abominable anatomy of Antichrist

John Plummer,    Variorum SummT    Okla. 97

G. Olson    ChauR 33 98-9    Significance of St Simon in SummT

Fiona Somerset    SAC 21 99    The politics of `lewed translacion' in SummT

G. Olson    SAC 21 99    The end of SummT and the uses of Pentecost


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Jay Schleusener    ChauR 14 79-80    The Conduct of MeT

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Kenneth Bleeth    ChauR 21 86    Joseph's doubting of Mary & the conclusion of MeT

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Angela Lucas    ChauR 33 98-9    The mirror in the market-place: Januarie through the looking-glass

Roy Pearcy    MAE 69 00    AN fabliaux & MeT


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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J. A. Dane    ChauR 34 99-00    Early printed texts and critical readings of SqT


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XIII.    FRANKLIN'S TALE (and `romances' generally)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Dominique Battle    ChauR 34 99-00    FrkT & Filocolo reonsidered

R. D. Eaton    Neoph. 84 00    Narrative closure in FrkT


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XIV.    PHYSICIAN'S TALE (and Fragment VI)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


Lee Ramsey    ChauR 6 72    The sentence of it sooth is: PhyT

Thomas Hanson    ChauR 7 72    Ch. 's Phys. as storyteller and moralizer

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Gerhard Joseph    ChauR 9 74-5    Fragment VI

Martha Waller    Spec 51 76    PhyT: Chaucer and Fray Juan Garcia

Michael Haines    ChauR 10 76    Fortune, Nature & Grace in Fragment C

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Emerson Brown    PQ 60 81    What is Ch doing with Phy. and his Tale?

S. Delany    SAC 3 81    Politics & the paralysis of the poetic imag. in PhyT

Daniel Kempton    ChauR 19 84    PhyT: the doctor's diplomatic `cure'

Brian Lee    ChauR 22 87-88    Position & purpose of PhyT

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M. Pelen    ChauR 29 94-5    Murder and immortality in Fragment VI

C. Collette    ChYb 2 95    Virginia as image in PhyT

Brian Lee    ChYbk 4 97    Justice in PhyT/PardT

Angus Fletcher    ChauR 34 99-00    The sentencing of Virginia in PhyT


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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XVI.    SHIPMAN'S TALE (and Fragment VII generally)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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R. F. Green    ChauR 26 91    ShipT 39-40 are authorial commentary

R. H. Winnick    ChauR 30 95-6    Luke 12 and ShipT

John M. Ganim    ChauR 30 95-6    Double-entry bookkeeping in ShipT


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Colloquium)    Viator 2 71    Refl. on Medieval antiJudaism

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R. Boenig    NQ 244 99    Alma redemptoris mater, Gaude Maria & PriT


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XVIII. TALE OF SIR THOPAS (incl. studies of both Thopas & Melibee)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


J. M. Manly    E&S 13 28    Thopas: a Satire

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Mark Dicicco    NQ 244 99    The arming of Thopas reconsidered

E. A. Jones    RES 51 00    Structure of Thopas


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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J. H. Anderson    ELH 62 95    Spenser's use of Melibee

Edward E. Foster    ChauR 34 99-00    Has anyone here read Melibee?

D. Aers    Ch's Melibee: whose virtue?    Pearsall essays 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Jill Mann    Boitani/Torti 83    Parents & children [Ugolino episode]

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R. Boenig    NQ 241 96    Is the MkT a fragment?

Emily Jensen    ChauR 32 97-8    Linkage of MkT/NPT

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(Colloquium on MkT)    SAC 22 00    [Stephen Knight, Terry Jones, Ann Astell, H. A. Kelly, Richard Neuse, Helen Cooper, Louise Fradenburg]


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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Peter Travis    In Stevens essays 98    Reading Ch ab ovo: mock exemplum in NPT

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Edward Wheatley,    Mastering Aesop: medieval education, Ch and his followers    Florida 00

R. Boenig    Neoph. 84 00    Ch and St Kenelm


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XXII.    SECOND NUN'S TALE (and Fragment VIII)
(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


Jos. E. Grennen    JEGP 65 66    Unity of Fragment VIII [also PQ '63, SP '65, JHI '64]

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Carolyn P. Collette    ChauR 10 75-6    A closer look at S. Cecilia's special vision

Norman T. Harrington    ChauR 10 75-76    (framing: link of SN & CY)

John C. Hirsh    Chau 12 77-8    Politics of Spirituality: SN and Manciple

Ruth Waterhouse    NM 79 78    Life of S. Cecilia in Aelfric & Chaucer

Sherry Reames    MP 63 78    Sources of SNT

Sherry Reames    Spec. 55 80    Cecilia legent as Ch. inherited and retold it: disappearance of Augustinian ideal

V. Kolve    Iconography of SNT    In New Perspectives in Ch. Criticism, ed. Donald Rose     Pilgrim 81

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Sherry Reames    Three retellings of the St Cecilia legend    In Borroff essays 95

David Raybin    ChauR 32 97-8    Creation and recreation of life of St Cecile

Karen Arthur    ChauR 32 97-8    Equivocal subjectivity in SNT

Marianne Borch    ChYb 5 98    Ch's SNT: record of a dying world

Jennifer Summit    JMEMS 30 00    Topography & historiography: Petrarch, Ch & the making of med. Rome [SNT]


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


D. Harrington    NM 1965    CYT (also AnM 1968)

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Lawrence Ryan    ChauR 8 73-4    The CY's desperate confession

Albert Hartung    ChauR 12 77-8    Pars secunda & the development of CYT

P. B. Taylor    ES 60 79    CY's breath: emanations of a metaphor

Jackson Campbell    ChauR 17 82-3    CY as imperfect paradigm

Peter Brown    ES 64 83    Is CYT apocryphal?

Robert Schuler    Viator 15 84    Renaissance Ch. as alchemist

Jane Hilberry    ChauR 21 86-7    Technical Language in CYT

B. J. Harwood    PMLA 102 87    Ch and the silence of history: situating the CYT

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L. Patterson    SAC 15 93    Alchemy and the technology of the self

James Landman    JMEMS 28 98    The laws of community, Margery Kempe and CYT

Mark Bruhn    ChauR 33 98-9    Art, anxiety, & alchemy in CYT

George Keiser    ChauR 35 00    Conclusion of CYT: readings and (mis)readings

Peggy Knapp    JMEMS 30 00    The work of alchemy


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


J. B. Severs    JEGP 51 52    Is the MancT a success?

M. Donner    MLN 61 60    Ch `gentel' Man. & his `gentel' tale

Richard Hazelton    Spec. 35 60    Chaucer and Cato

Richard Hazelton    JEGP 62 63    MancT: Parody & Critique

B. J. Harwood    ChauR 6 71-2    Language and the Real: MancT.

J. Campbell    ChauR 7 72-3    Polonius among the Pilgrims

V. J. Scattergood    EC 24 74    The Manc's manner of speaking

J. C. Hirsh    ChauR 12 77-78    Politics of spirituality: SN & Manc.

R. D. Fulk    JEGP 78 79    Reinterpreting the MancT

Sheila Delany    ChauR 17 82-3    Epistle of James and MancT

F. N. M. Diekstra    Neoph. 67 83    Ch. Digressive mode & the moral of MancT

Leonard Koff    ChauR 19 84-5    Wordsworth & MancT

Wm. Askins    SAC 7 85    The historical setting of the MancT

Louise Fradenburg    ELH 52 85    The Manciple's servant tongue: politics & poetry in CT

D. C. Baker (ed.)    The Manc. T    Variorum 84

John McGavin    ChauR 21 86-7    How nasty is Phoebus's crow?

Peter Herman    ChauR 25 90-91    Treason in MancT

Michaela Grudin    ChauR 25 90-91    MancT & the poetics of guile

Marc Pelen    ChauR 25 90-91    Manc's cosyn to the deede

Celeste Patton    PQ 71 92    Sharp practice & the politics of language in MancT

W. Ginsberg    SAC 18 96    Irony, allegory and MancT

Charles Owen    MancT    Russell Peck F/S 97

Mel Storm    SP 96 99    Speech, circumspection and orthodontics in MancPT and WB's portrait

Michael Kensak    ChauR 34 99-00    The silences of pilgrimage: MancT, Paradiso and Anticlaudianus


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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H. G. Pfander    JEGP 1936    ParsT and preaching manuals

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Laurie A. Finke    LSE 15 84    Parson's rhetoric & ending of CT

Thomas Bestul    Spec. 64 89    ParsT & the late med. trad. of religious meditation

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C. D. Benson & E. Robertson (eds.), Ch's religious tales 90

Peter Travis    Exemp. 3 91    Deconstructing the Retraction

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A. Hartung    The Parson's Tale & Chaucer's penance    In R. Newhauser & J. Alford, Lit. & religion in late MA (Wenzel F/S)    MRTS 118. 94

Deborah Youngs    ChauR 34 99-00    Newly discovered fragment of ParsT [in Newton commonplace-book]


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