Derek Pearsall's
Thirty Year Working Bibliography:
Part VI -- Alliterative Poetry

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I. Alliterative Poetry - General
II. Morte Arthure
III. Winner & Waster
IV. Parliament of the Three Ages
V. Other Alliterative Poems
VI. Gawain and Green Knight
VII. Pearl and the Pearl-Poet
VIII. Patience
IX. Cleanness
X. St. Erkenwald
XI. Piers Plowman
      XIa Piers -- MSS & Texts
      XIb Piers -- General Studies
      XIc Piers -- Studies of particular passages


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


N. F. Blake   MP 67 69   Rhythmical allit.

G. T. Shepherd   PBA 56 70   Nature of allit. poetry in late med. England

N. F. Jacobs   Spec 47 72   Allit. storms

B. Sundby   NM 73 72   Allit. in name-giving [Lancs. c 1400]

C. W. Moseley   MP 72 74   Ch, Mandeville & the allit. revival

H. N. Duggan   MP 74 77   Strophic patterns in ME allit. poetry

R. W. Sapora,    Theory of M. E. allit. meter   Speculum Mon. I. 77

T. Turville-Petre,    The Allit. Revival   Brewer 77

E. Salter   NM 79 78   Allit. modes & affiliations in 14th c

D. Lawton   Neoph. 64 80   Larger patterns of syntax in ME unrhymed allit. verse

D. Lawton   ES 61 80   ME unrhymed allit. poetry & SE legendary

M. J. Bennett   In Court & Poet, ed. G. S. Burgess 81   Courtly lit. and NW England in later M. A.

R. Osberg   JEGP 80 81   Handlist of short-line allit. poems in ME

D. Lawton   MLR 76 81   Lollardy & the PPl tradition

C. Moorman   ChauR 16 81   Allit Revival & the lit. of defeat

B. Levy & P. Szarmach (eds.),    Allit. tradition in 14th c.    Kent State 81

D. A. Lawton (ed.),    M. E. Allit. Poetry & its lit. background   Brewer 82

D. Pearsall     Allit. revival: origins & social backgrounds   In Lawton, ME Allit. Poetry 82

Rosalind Field   AN background to allit. romance   In ibid. 82

J. A. W. Bennett   LSE 14 83   Survival & revivals of allit. modes

D. Lawton   Spec. 58 83   The unity of ME allit. poetry

A. T. E. Matonis   MP 81 83-4   Reexam. of ME allit. long line

Hoyt Duggan   SAC 8 86   Allit. patterning as basis for emendation in allit. poetry

A. C. Spearing   Alliterative poetry   In Readings   Cambridge 87

Susanne Fein   MLQ 48 87   Ghoulish & ghastly: a moral aesthetic in ME allit. verse

J. Finlayson   Traditio 44 88   Allit. narrative poetry: the control of the medium

T. Turville-Petre (ed.), Allit. Poetry of the later M. A.: An Anthology   Routledge 89

D. Lawton   LSE 20 89   Diversity of ME allit. poetry

Hoyt Duggan   JEGP 89 90   Stress assignment in ME allit. poetry

Thos. Cable,    The English allit. tradition   Penn 91

Karl Hagen   MP 90 92-3   Adverbial distribution in ME allit. verse

Yasuyo Moriya   NM 101 00   Line boundary of ME allit. metre

J. Scattergood,    The lost tradition: essays on ME alliterative poetry   Four Courts 00

R. Hanna   Feasting in ME allit. poetry   Waldron essays 00

Hoyt Duggan   Parergon 18 00   Extended a-verses in ME allit. poetry

Susanna Greer Fein   Parergon 18 00   The early 13-line stanza: style & metrics reconsidered


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


R. Keiser   Spec 48 73   Edward III & the Morte Arthure

J. Finlayson   Ang. 92 74   Allit. MA & Sir Ferumbras

J. D. Johnson   NM 76 75   Hero on the Beach in MA [oral-formulaic motif]

V. Krishna   NM 76 75   Archaic nouns in MA

G. Keiser    NM 76 75   Notes on MA: debt to Wace

L. D. Benson   Hornstein F/S   Date of MA   In J. B. Bessinger's Med. Studies   NYUP 76

James Boren   PQ 56 77   Narrative design in allit. MA

J. Johnson   MAE 47 78   Formulaic thrift in allit. MA

E. M. O'Sharkey   Rom. 99 78   Arthur's dreams & Mordred in Layamon and in MA

Juliet Vale   NMS 23 79   Law & Diplomacy in the allit. MA

M. F. Vaughan   MP 77 80   Consecutive Allit., Strophic Patterns in allit. MA

Mary Hamel   ChauR 14 80   Allit. MA & Dante

K.-H. Göller (ed.), Allit. MA: A Reassessment   Arth. St II   Brewer 81

Valerie Krishna   Spec. 57 82   Parataxis, Formulaic Density & Thrift in allit. M. A.

Mary Hamel   Viator 13 82   "Christening" of Priamus in allit. M. A.

J. Eadie   ES 63 82   Allit. MA: Structure & meaning

R. A. Shoaf   JEGP 81 82   Allit. MA: the Story of Britain's David

Lee Patterson   JMRS 13 83   The historiography of romance & the allit. MA

Eliz. Porter   NMS 27 83   Ch's Knt, allit. MA and laws of war

Mary Hamel (ed.),    Morte Arthure   Garland 84

H. A. Kelly   Russell F/S   The non-tragedy of Arthur   In G. Kratzmann (ed.), Med. Eng. Rel. Lit.   Brewer 86

Mary Hamel   MLQ 51 90   Arth. rom. in 15thc. Lindsey: the books of the Lords Welles

C. W. Whitney   Medievalia 14 91   Hunted hunter in allit. MA

Lesley Johnson   Meeting with Cradock   In Cuilleanain & Pheifer, Noble and Joyous 93

L. D. Benson (ed.), rev. Edward E. Foster,    King Arthur's Death   TEAMS 1994

Mary Hamel   Frank F/S 94   Sea battles (and LGW)

M. V. Guerin,    Fall of Kings and Princes: Arthurian Tragedy   Stanford 95

Martin Ball   Exemplaria 8 96   Space, time and focalization in allit MA

Robert Warm   NMS 41 97   Arthur & the giant of Mont St-Michel

Jeff Westover   ChauR 32 97-8   Arthur's end

Arlyn Diamond   Heroic subjects: women in the allit. MA   Riddy essays 00

R. Allen   Performance & structure in allit. MA   Waldron essays 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


D. V. Moran   NM 73 72   WW: an extended footnote

T. H. Bestul,    Satire & allegory in WW   Nebraska 74

E. Salter   MAE 47 78   The timeliness of WW

N. R. Havely   NQ 30 83   Dominicans & their banner in WW

Nicholas Jacobs   RES 36 85   The typology of debate & the interp. of WW

David Harrington   ChauR 20 85-86   Indeterminacy in WW & Parl 3A

Stephanie Trigg   Russell F/S   Gollancz's WW and its editorial politics   In G. Kratzmann (ed.), Med. Eng. Rel. Lit.    Brewer 86

T. Turville-Petre   LSE 18 87   Prologue of WW

S. Trigg   YLS 3 89   Rhetoric of excess in WW

Warren Ginsberg (ed.),    WW & P3A    Teams 92

Lois Roney   Spec. 69 94   WW - economics and nationalism in 14th-century England

T. Turville-Petre, WW: when & where?   In L. A. J. R. Houwens & A. A. MacDonald (ed.), Loyal Letters 94

Maura Nolan   JMEMS 26 96   Chivalric self-representation and law in WW

Jana Matthews   NQ 244 99   The case for misprision in WW


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


R. A. Peck   ELH 39 72   Careful hunter in Parl 3 Ages

R. A. Waldron   NM 73 72   Prologue to Parl 3 Ages

A. Kernan   NM 75 74   Theme & Structure in Parl 3 Ages

T. Turville-Petre   MAE 46 77   Ages of Man in Parl. 3 Ages

D. V. Moran   Neoph. 62 78   Parl of 3 Ages: Meaning & Design

V. J. Scattergood   LSE 14 83   Parl. of the Three Ages

David Harrington   ChauR 20 85-86   Indeterminacy in WW & Parl 3 Ages

Lisa Kiser   PQ 66 87   Elde and his teaching in P3A

Warren Ginsberg (ed.),    WW & P3A   Teams 92

Donald Fry   Authority of elde in P3A   Howard essays 92


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


A. B. Ferguson   St. Ren 2 55   Problem of Counsel in Mum

P. Moe   MAE 39 70   French source of allit. Siege of Jerusalem

R. Hanna   MLQ 31 70   Awntyrs off Arthure

R. F. Lawrence   ES 51 70   Formula & Rhythm in Wars of Alex.

M. Rigby   RES 21 70   Review of Miskimin's ed. of Susannah

D. Klausner   MS 34 72   Exempla & Awntyrs

E. E. Foster & G. Gilman   NM 74 73   Text of W Palerne

T. M. Smallwood   MAE 42 73   The Interp. of Somer Soneday [NQ 238. 43]

T. Turville-Petre   RES 25 74   Summer Sunday, &c. poems in 13-line stanza

T. Turville-Petre   NM 75 74   Humphrey de Bohun & WP

W. Matthews   Spec. 49 74   Where was Siesia/Sessoyne?

C. D. Benson   NQ 21 74   Chau. allusion in Dest Troy

D. Embree   NQ 22 75   Richard the Redeles & Mum [2 separate poems]

A. G. Blamires   NM 76 75   Mum & Sothsegger & the Langlandian idiom

M. Sundwall   RES 26 75   Dest. of Troy: relation to Troilus & Troy-Book

V. M. Lagorio   M&H 6 75   Joseph of Arimathea: Eng. hagiog. in transition

H. N. Duggan   Spec 51 76   Source of Wars of Alexander

T. Turville-Petre   ELR 6 76   Nicholas Grimald and Alex. A

A. McIntosh   RES 28 77   Text of De Tribus Regibus Mortuis

D. Lawton   LSE 10 78   Scottish Field: allit. verse & Stanley encomium

T. Turville-Petre   RES 30 79   A lost allit. Alexander romance

Caroline Eckhardt   NQ 27 80   Another historical allusion in Mum & Sothsegger

D. Lawton   StN 52 80   Dest Troy as trans. from Latin prose

D. A. Lawton   StN 53 81   Alex A & C: Form & Style in trans. from Latin prose

D. A. Lawton (ed.),    Joseph of Arimathea   Garland 82

T. Turville-Petre   Spec. 57 82   `The Lament for Sir John Berkeley'

Ian Baird (ed.),    Scottish Feilde & Flodden Field   Garland Med. Texts 82

Gert Ronberg   Neoph. 67 83   Two N. W. Midland MSS revisited

Andrew Wawn   YES 13 83   Truth-telling & the tradition of Mum & Sothsegger

Erik Kooper   LSE 15 84   Grace: the healing herb in Wm of Palerne

G. Bunt (ed.),    Wm of Palerne    84

R. Allen   Observations on editing Awntyrs   In D. Pearsall (ed.), MSS & Texts 85

T. Turville-Petre    Editing the Wars of Alexander    In ibid. 85

T. Turville-Petre   MAE 57 88   The author of the Dest. of Troy (John Clerk of Whalley)

S. Fein   YLS 2 88   Poetic art of Death and Life

Helen Phillips   MAE 58 89   The ghost's baptism in Awntyrs

Eliz. Walsh (ed.),    The Tale of Ralph the Collier   Peter Lang 89

Joseph Donatelli (ed.),    Death and Liffe   Speculum Monog. 89

H. Barr   YLS 4 90   New evidence on relationship of Mum and Richard

J. Simpson   Constraints of satire in PP & Mum   Hussey essays 90

H. Phillips   The Quatrefoil of Love   In ibid. 90

J. Dean (ed.),    6 eccles. satires (Piers the Plowman's Crede, Jack Upland, etc)   TEAMS 91

R. Peck (ed.),    OT heroic women (Pistill of Susan, etc.)   TEAMS 91

R. E. Stratton (ed.),    Chevelere Assigne   Mellen 91

Helen Barr (ed.),    Poems of PPl tradition (PPlCrede, etc.)   91

Helen Barr   LSE 23 92   Natural law in Richard and Mum

Susanna Fein   MLQ 53 92   Two stanzaic allit. poems: Dispute between Mary & Cross, `Quatrefoil of Love'

Donna Crawford   ES 73 92   Prophecy and paternity in Wars of Alexander

R. Hanna   YLS 6 92   Contextualizing the Siege of Jerusalem

J. Noble   ChYb 1 92   Typological patterns in Joseph of Arimathie

Elisa Narin Van Court   ChauR 29 94-5   Siege of Jerusalem: writing about Jews in the 14th century

N. Hinton   Werewolf in WP   In N. C. Flores (ed.), Animals in the Middle Ages   Garland 95

D. Lawton   Poetics of recreation and revenge in Siege of Jerusalem   In

Pickering,    Individuality and ach.   1996

W. R. J. Barron   Maldwyn Mills F/S 1996    The Wars of Alexander

Ros. Allen   Mills F/S 96   The awntyrs of Arthure

Diane Speed   Mills F/S 96   The pattern of providence in Chevelere Assigne

P. Dronke   In Gray essays 97   Poetic originality of Wars Alex

Christine Chism   JMEMS 28 98   The Siege of Jerusalem: liquidating assets

Bonnie Millar   RMS 24 98   Richard the Redeles and the concept of advice

Bonnie Millar,    The Siege of Jerusalem in its physical, literary and historical contexts   Four Courts 00

Rosamund Allen   RMS 26 00   The Awntyrs off Arthure: portraits & property


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


J. Halverson   MP 67 69   Template criticism

D. Mills   NM 71 70   Rhet. function of G. anti-feminism

M. Thiébaux   NM 71 70   GGK, fox hunt & Henry of Lancaster

N. Jacobs   ES 51 70   Gawain's Confession

Cecily Clark   MAE 40 71   GGK: its artistry & its audience

P. B. Taylor   PQ 50 71   Commerce & comedy in GGK

D. W. Hughes   UTQ 40 71   Problem of Reality in GGK

P. J. C. Field   SP 68 71   A Re-reading of GGK

V. K. Haines   MS 33 71   Morgan & missing day

Chris. Dean   LSE 5 71   Temptation scene in Gawain

Mary Dove   MAE 41 72   Gawain & the blasme des femmes tradition

P. L. Heyworth   MAE 41 72   Sir Gawain's crossing of the Dee

M. Stevens   Spec 47 72   Laughter & Game in GGK

R. C. Johnston & D. D. R. Owen (eds.),    Two O. F. Gauvain romances   Barnes & Noble 72

J. A. Burrow (ed.),    SGGK   [Slightly modernised ed. ]   Penguin 72

W. O. Evans   MLR 68 73   Case for Gawain reopened

P. McClure   Neoph. 57 73   mesure & significance of hunts

R. Zimmerman   ES 54 73   Verbal Syntax & Style

L. Martin   Archiv 210 73   The Knight who stayed silent thro' courtesy

J. D. Burnley   YES 3 73   Hunting scenes in GGK

M. Markus   NM 75 74   Ambiguity in GGK

P. B. Taylor   ES 55 74   Gawain's garland of girdle & name

P. Christmas   Neoph. 58 74   A Reading of GGK

J. H. Sims   Orbis 30 75   Gawain's Fortunate Fall

M. J. Curley   MP 73 75   Note on Bercilak's Beard (!)

T. Hunt   FMLS 12 76   Irony & ambiguity in GGK

A. J. Gilbert   NM 77 76   A new analogue for GGK

D. Brewer   NM 77 76   Interpretation of dream, folktale & romance - GGK

J. M. Ganim   PMLA 91 76   Disorientation, Style & Consciousness in GGK

Joan Turville-Petre   ES 57 76   Metre of GGK

A. Diamond   PQ 55 76   GGK: an alliterative romance

J. S. Neaman   PQ 55 76    Sir Gawain's Covenant: Troth & Timor Mortis

A. A. Metcalf   Archiv 213 76   Silent Knight: Sum for Cortaysye [sum = one, i.e. G.]

G. A. Lester   NQ 1976. 392   Gawain's fault in contemp. laws of arms   [keeping a talisman wrong]

E. Suzuki   NM 78 77   Age of GK [he's old]

Joseph Gallagher   NM 78 77   Temptation scenes

Louis Blenkner, OSB   SP 74 77   Sin, Psychology & the Structure of GGK

T. Silverstein   MP 75 77-8   Gawain in a dilemma OR keeping faith with Cicero

R. Cockroft   Neoph. 62 78   Castle Hautdesert

Marg. Ward   NM 79 78   French Ovidian beasts in GGK [amorous hunt]

Richard R. Griffith   Sources of GGK in prose Merlin   in Machaut's World, ed. M. Cosman   NY Acad. Science 78

R. W. Elliott   LSE 10 78   Hills & valleys in Gawain country

T. Turville-Petre   NQ 25 78   Expl. of tried for his trecherye

Elis. Brewer (trans.),    From Cuchulainn to Gawain   Brewer 79

Gerald Morgan   MLR 74 79   Signif. of pentangle

R. W. Elliott   NM 80 79   Woods & forests in Gawain country

E. Wilson   RES 30 79   GGK & Stanley family of Stanley, Storton & Hooton

C. Luttrell   FMLS 15 79   GGK & the versions of Caradoc

M. Puhvel   ELN 17 79   Sir Gawain's circling of the Green Chapel

W. R. J. Barron,    Trawthe & Treson: The Sin of Gawain reconsidered   Manch 80

C. Luttrell   SP 77 80   Folk-tale element in GGK

T. D. Hill   StN 52 80   G's jesting lie - towards an interp. of conf. scene

W. R. J. Barron   FMLS 17 81   Knighthood on Trial: the acid test of irony

V. J. Scattergood   Trad. 37 81   GGK & the sins of the flesh

Stephanie Hollis   ChauR 15 81   The Pentangle Knight

Myra Stokes   NMS 25 81   Fit 3 as debate

Michael Robertson   Spec. 57 82   Stanzaic Symmetry in GGK

Gregory Wilkin   ES 63 82   Dissolution of Template Ideal in GGK

Robert J. Blanch   StN 54 82 Imagery of binding in Fits 1 & 2

R. W. V. Elliott   LSE 13 82   Streams & Swamps in the Gawain country

Victor K. Haines   The Fortunate Fall of Gawain: Typology of GGK   UP of America 82

M. Andrew   Neoph. 66 82   Diabolical chapel - a motif in Pat. & GK

Erik Kooper   NM 83 82   John Massey in GGK - The case of the encoded author

Robert Levine   ChauR 17 82-83   Grotesque realism in GGK

M. J. Bennett,    Community, class & careerism: Cheshire & Lancs. in age of GGK   Brill 83

Marjorie Rigby   MLR 78 83   GGK & the Vulgate Lancelot

Rob. J. Blanch   NM 84 83    Legal framework of `a 12 month and a day'

J. Eadie   RES 34 83   Gawain's travels in N. Wales [Holyhead in Anglesey]

Ralph Hanna   Viator 14 83   Unlocking what's locked: Gawain's green girdle

R. J. Blanch & Julian Wasserman   Neoph. 68 84   Med. contracts & covenants: legal coloring of GGK

Hanneke Wirtjes   ES 65 84   Bercilak & the literary Vavasour [the romance inheritance]

M. Stokes & J. Scattergood   MAE 53 84   Travelling in November: Gawain, Usk, Charles d'Orléans

R. A. Shoaf,    The poem & the green girdle: Commercialism in GGK   Florida 84

Paul Reichardt   PMLA 99 84    Gawain & the image of the wound

Lois Bragg   NM 86 85   GGK & the Elusion of clarity

Gerald Morgan   RES 36 85   The validity of G's confession

Ian Bishop   Neoph. 69 85   Time & tempo in GGK

A. W. Astell   JEGP 84 85   GGK: the Rhetoric of romance

Fred. Jonassen   Viator 17 86   Elements from trad. drama in GGK

Jill Mann   EC 36 86   Price and value in GGK

J. Eadie   NM 87 86   A new source for GGK [Christine de Pizan, new date 1414!]

R. J. Blanch & J. Wassermann   Neoph 70 86   Volition & obligation in GGK

E. P. Watson   LSE 18 87   Arming of Gawain

Gerald Morgan   MAE 56 87   Action of hunting & bedroom scenes in GGK

A. V. C. Schmidt   RES 38 87   Symbolic meaning in GGK

Ross Arthur,    Medieval Sign Theory & GGK   Toronto 87

Wendy Clein,    Concepts of Chivalry in GGK   Pilgrim 88

D. Aers   Community, virtue & the individual in GGK   In Aers, Community, Gender, etc.    Routledge 88

W. McColly   ChauR 23 88-89   GGK as roman à clef

T. L. Reed   ChauR 23 88-89   GGK & the debate tradition

W. G. Cooke   MAE 58 89   GGK: a restored dating [c. 1350: costume, armour, &c.]

J. J. Anderson   ChauR 24 89-90   The 3 judgments in GGK

R. Newhauser   SP 87 90   The meaning of Gawain's greed

Stephanie Trigg   Viator 22 91   The romance of exchange: GGK [vocab. of economics]

B. J. Harwood   PMLA 106 91   Gawain & the Gift [forgiveness transcends reciprocity]

Geraldine Heng   PMLA 106 91   Feminine knots & the Other in GGK

P. O'Mara   ChauR 26 91   Holcot's ecumenism in GGK

Peter Richardson   NM 92 91   Tense, discourse & style: historical present in GGK

Sheri Ann Strite   PQ 70 91   To Behead or not to behead

Robert Longsworth   PQ 70 91   Interpretive Laughter in GGK

G. Morgan,    SGGK & the idea of righteousness   Irish Acad. P 91

Cath. Batt   Gawain's antifeminist rant, the Pentangle, & narrative space   YES 22 92    117-39

T. Rendall   ChauR 27 92   GGK and chess

Harvey deRoo   ChauR 27 92   Guilt and denial in GGK

Val. Allen   RES 43 92   Gawain: Cowardyse and the 4th pentad

Karen Cherewatuk   Neoph. 77 93   Echoes of knighting ceremony in GGK

Victoria Weiss   PQ 72 93   Chivalry in GGK: play-world and real world

Clare Kinney   (Dis)embodied hero and signs of manhood   In Clare Lees (ed.), Medieval masculinities 1994

Arthur Lindley   Exemp. 6 94   Carnival and the undoing of G.

Eliz. Scala   Exemp. 6 94   The wanting words of GGK - narrative past, present and future

D. O. Matthews   Neoph. 78 94   Narrative & ideology in The Grene Knight

B. Millett   NMS 38 94   How green is the GK?

A. Putter,    GGK & French Arthurian Romance   OUP 95

G. Rogers   Maldwyn Mills F/S 1996   Gawain gives Arthur a lesson in magnanimity

Piotr Sadowski,    The knight on his quest: symbolic patterns of transition in SGGK   Delaware 96

D. Brewer (ed.),    A Companion to the Gawain-poet   Brewer 97

G. Morgan   Burrow Essays 1997   The perfection of the pentangle

Harvey de Roo    ChauR 31 96-7   (Names and) power-dynamics in GGK

Arthur Lindley   JEGP 96 97   Pinning Gawain down: unediting GGK [need for annotative indeterminacy]

H. Chickering   ChauR 32 97-8   Stanzaic closure and linkage in GGK

G. Walker   ChauR 32 97-8   Green knight's challenge - heroism and courtliness in Fit I

Theodore Silar   ChauR 32 97-8   Legal sense of fyn in PP, GGK, TC

Karen Arthur   Exemplaria 10 98   Playing the editing game with an electronic GGK

Susanne Thomas   Exemplaria 10 98   Promise, threat, joke or wager? The oaths in GGK

Jessica Cooke   RES 49 98   The lady's `blushing' ring in GGK

P. R. Kitson   NM 99 98   The name of the GK [really Bernlak]

D. Mills   Deprece your prysoun: Gawain & the encircling scene   Blake essays 99

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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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