Derek Pearsall's
Thirty Year Working Bibliography:
Part 9 -- Religious and Didactic Literature


List of Categories:

I. Saints' Lives
II. Religious Prose and Poetry (specific texts)
III. Didactic and Other Non-Religious Prose
IV. Preaching
V. Wyclif and Lollardy
VI. Rolle
VII. Hilton; The Cloud of Unknowing
VIII. Julian
IX. Margery Kempe


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


M. Amassian    NM 71 70 [cf. NM 74 73]    ME verse life of John of Bridlington

V. Lagorio    Trad. 26 70    Pan-Brittonic hagiog. in the Grail cycle

V. Lagorio    Spec. 46 71    Evolving Legend of Joseph of Glastonbury

M. Görlach    Ang. 90 72    Corrections to SEL entries in Index

G. Langmuir    Spec. 47 72    Hugh of Lincoln [historical study]

O. S. Pickering    NQ 19 72    Unrecognised extract from SEL

O. S. Pickering    Ang. 91 73    Temporale narratives of SEL

T. J. Heffernan    M&H 6 75    Narrative Motifs in Legend of St. Eustace

V. M. Lagorio    M&H 6 75    Joseph of Arimathea: hagiography in transition

O. S. Pickering    LSE 8 75    Three SEL Nativity poems

O. S. Pickering    LSE 10 77    Expository Temporale poems of SEL

P. Dembowski (ed.),    La vie de Ste Marie l'Egyptienne, OF version    Geneva 1977

V. M. Lagorio    NM 79 78    Glastonbury legends & Eng. grail romances

R. F. S. Hamer (ed.),    3 lives from Gilte Legende    MET 78

T. J. Heffernan    Trad. 35 79    Evidence for a more precise date for SEL

O. S. Pickering & M. Görlach    Ang. 100 82    Newly discovered MS of SEL

O. S. Pickering    LSE 14 83    Devotional elements in 2 early ME lives of Christ

O. S. Pickering    LSE 15 84    Southern Passion & Ministry & Passion: work of a reviser

Simon Lavery    LSE 15 84    Source of S. Brendan Story in SEL

J. D. W. Crowther    NM 85 84    Narrative in SEL Mary of Egypt

Jennifer R. Bray    BJRL 66 84    Concepts of Sainthood in 14thc. England

Alain Boreau,    La Legénde Dorée: le Système narratif    84

Thos. R. Liszka    MP 82 84-85    The "A" redaction of SEL: information from the Prol.

Gregory Sadlek    SP 85 88    Inner logic of SEL St Michael

T. J. Heffernan,    Sacred Biography: Saints & their Biographies in MA    OUP 89

Gordon Whatley (ed),    The Saint of London: Life & miracles of St. Erk.    Toronto MRTS 89

R. Easting    LSE 21 90    SEL St Patrick

A. B. Thompson    JEGP 90 91    Narrative art in SEL

K. Jankofsky (ed.),    South Eng. Legendary: a critical assessment    1992

J. Frankis    NMS 36 92    St Zita and St Osyth

S. Nevanlinna & Irma Taavitsainen (eds.),    Prose Life of St. Katherine of Alexandria from Southwell    Brewer 93

Paivi Pahta    NM 94 93    ME legend of St Faith in Southwell Minster

Jennifer Fellows    RMS 18 92    St George as romance hero

O. S. Pickering    The outspoken SEL poet    In Doyle essays 94

Diane Speed    NQ 239 94    Text & meaning in SEL St Aethelwold

Joel Fredell    SP 92 95    3 Clerks and S Nicholas in SEL

Sarah McNamer (ed.),    Two ME translations of the life of St Elizabeth    MET 28

Karen Winstead,    Virgin martyrs: legends of sainthood in late med. England    Cornell 97

Mary-Ann Stouck,    ed. Med. saints: a reader    Broadview Press 98

M. Görlach,    Studies in ME saints' legends    C. Winter 98


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


Robert H. Bowers (ed.),    3 ME relig. poems    Florida 63

N. F. Blake    NQ 207    Revelation of St. Matilda [mystical text used by Carthusians in 15thc]

N. F. Blake (ed.),    ME religious prose    Arnold 72

H. Bishop    ES 53 72    Vocab. of Eng. trans. of Speculum Humanae Salvationis

R. Pfaff    Spec. 49 74    The English devotion of St. Gregory's Trental

B. Lindstrom    StN 46 74    Notes on Dives et Pauper

G. Kristensson (ed.),    John Mirk's Instructions for Parish Priests    Lund: Gleerup 74

Elizabeth Salter,    Nicholas Love's Myrrour of the Blessed Lyf of Jesu Christ    Analecta Cartusiana    Salzburg 74

F. J. Sheeran    NM 76 75    10 verse fragments in Dives et Pauper

P. S. Jolliffe    MS 37 75    2 ME tracts on the Contemp. life.    [Add 37790 & 37049]

E. Colledge    MS 37 75    15th & 16th versions of Golden Epistle of S. Bernard

J. W. Conlee    MAE 44 75    Abbey of Holy Ghost & 8 ghostly dwelling places of HM 744

L. K. Smedick    MS 37 75    Cursus in ME: A Talkyng reconsidered

A. McIntosh    NM 77 76    Unnoticed interpolations in 4 mss of Prick of Conscience

V. Nelson    ES 57 76    Vernon & Simeon copies of Speculum Vitae

V. Nelson    Scriptorium 31 77    Problems of transcription in Spec. Vitae

K. Bitterling    NQ 1977. 146    An abstract of Mirk's Instructions

Kathleen Power    NQ 25 78    Newly identified version of Trevisa Nicodemus

O. S. Pickering    Archiv 215 78    ME poem on Eucharist & other poems by author

V. Nelson    ES 59 78    Tiberius E. vii of Speculum Vitae

J. R. Elliott etc. (ed.),    Baptism & Temptation of Christ    Yale 78

Helen Moon (ed.),    The Lyf of Soule    Salzburg SEL 78

Theresa Halligan (ed.),    Mechthild of Hackeborn: Book of Gostly Grace    Toronto 79

C. von Nolcken (ed),    ME trans. of Rosarium Theologie   MET 1979

Michael Sargent    MS 41 79    Source of Poor Caitiff tract on man's will

M. T. Brady    Traditio 36 80    Rolle's Form of Living & Pore Caitif

D. Britton    NM 80 79    Unnoticed fragments of Prick of Conscience

J. Reakes    NQ 27 80    Meditationes Passione Christi

Geo. Keiser    Viator 12 81    The Holy Boke Gratia Dei [prose treatise]

C. W. Marx    Library 6th ser. 2 80    The Devils Parlt - (late printed text)

O. Pickering    LSE 12 81    Notes on Sentence of cursing in ME: case for IMEP

Venetia Nelson (ed.),    Myrour to Lewde Men & Women (MET) [prose version of Speculum vitae. ]    Winter 81

A. Martin    BJRL 64 81-2    ME versions of 10 Commandments, esp. Rylands 85

Susan Powell    NQ 29 82    Fasciculus Morum & Barlow 24

Ralph Hanna    Neoph. 67 83    Text of Memoriale Credencium

T. G. Duncan    Davis F/S    ME Mirror and its mss.    In Gray's ME Studies    OUP 83

V. Gillespie    NQ 30 83    Syon MS of compilation related to Spec. Christiani

Alan Fletcher    NQ 30 83    Authorship of Fasciculus Morum: evidence of Barlow 24

A. I. Doyle    LSE 14 83    Reflections on some MSS of Love's Myrrour

T. J. Heffernan    MAE 52 83    Virgin as aid to salvation in 15th c. Eng. & Lat. verses

M. T. Brady    Traditio 39 83    Rolle and the patterns of tracts in Pore Caitif

Avril Henry (ed.),    Pilg. of the Lyfe of the Manhode    EETS 85

Anne Hudson    Viator 16 85    New look at Lay Folks' Catechism (also 19. 307)

Judith Shaw    The influence of canonical & episcopal reform on popular books of instruction    In Thomas Heffernan's Pop. Lit. of Med. Eng.    Tenn. 85

D. Gray    Russell F/S    Books of Comfort    In G. Kratzmann's Med. Eng. Rel. Lit.    Brewer 86

John C. Hirsch (ed.),    ME Barlam & Josaphat (EETS) 86

John Wall    Russell F/S    Penance as Poetry in late 14thc    In G. Kratzmann's Med. Eng. Rel. Lit.    Brewer 86

V. Edden    LSE 17 86    Maidstone's Penitential Psalms

Rolf Bremmer (ed),    The 5 Wittes ed. from Harley 2398    Rodopi 87

R. Hanna    MS 49 87    ME Vitae patrum collection

Avril Henry,    The Mirrour of Mans Salvacion    Penn 87

Roger Ellis (ed.),    Liber Celestis of Bridget of Sweden    EETS 87

M. T. Brady    Traditio 44 88    Lollard sources of Pore Caitif

A. J. Fletcher    LSE 19 88    MSS of Mirk's Manuale Sacerdotis

V. Gillespie    Evolution of the Speculum Christiani    In Latin & Vernac., ed. A. J. Minnis    Brewer 89

S. Ogilvie-Thomson (ed),    Prose & verse from Longleat 29    EETS 89

L. Carruthers    ES 71 90    Where did Jacob's Well come from (Suffolk)

Sarah Horrall    MAE 59 90    ME texts in a Carthusian commonplace book

F. N. M. Diekstra (ed),    ME Weye of Paradys & Fr. Voie de Paradis    Brill 90

R. N. Swanson    MAE 60 91    Origins of the Lay Folks' Catechism

James Dean (ed.),    Six Ecclesiastical Satires    TEAMS 91

Russell Peck,    Heroic women from the OT in ME verse    TEAMS 91

Tanya Gardiner-Scott (ed.),    Ypotis, from York Minster XVI. L. 12    Traditio 46 91

C. W. Marx & Jeanne Drennan (eds.),    ME prose complaint of Our Lady and Gospel of Nicodemus    MET 19 91

Rosemarie McGerr (ed.),    The Pilgrimage of the Soul    Garland 92

Takami Matsuda    Presence of purgatory in 2 debates in Add. 37049    Ando essays 92

Alexandra Barratt    Library 6th ser 14 92    The Revelations of St Elizabeth of Hungary: problems of attribution

R. W. Frank    MVC - the logistics of access to the divinity    In H. Damico & P. Gallagher, Hermeneutics & Med. Culture (SUNY 92) Saara Nevanlinna & Irma Taavitsainen (eds.), St Katherine of Alexandria, prose version in Southwell Minster MS 7    Brewer 93

Sue Powell    Lay folks' catechism    Doyle essays 94

M. P. Harley (ed.),    The Myrour of Recluses    Fairleigh Dickinson UP 95

S. Oguro, R. Beadle & M. Sargent (eds.),    Nicholas Love at Waseda    Brewer 97

O. S. Pickering    ME metaphysical verse: imagery and style in some 14th c. religious poems    In Pickering, Individuality & achievement 1996

Jane Zatta    ChYb 5 98    The `romance' of The Castle of Love [tr. of Grosseteste]

O. S. Pickering    Estoire del Evangelie and Vernon MS    In Blake essays 99

F. N. M. Diekstra (ed.),    Book for a Simple & Devout Woman: a late ME adaptation of Peraldus and the Somme le Roi

Peter Whiteford    MAE 69 00    Anticipation of heaven in a 15th c. ME meditation

Anne Clark Bartlett (ed.),    reprint of Horstmann's Yorkshire Writers (1895-6), with new Introd.    Brewer 00

Kantik Ghosh    MSS of Love's Mirror & Wycliffite notions of `authority'    In F. Riddy (ed.), Prestige, authority & power 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


D. C. Fowler    MLQ 32 71    More about Trevisa

M. C. Seymour    Ang. 91 73    ME abstract of De Prop. Rerum

T. L. Burton    NQ 20 73    Dictionary datings from Sidrak & Bokkus

C. W. Moseley    YES 4 74    The Metamorphoses of Sir J. Mandeville

V. di Marco etc. (ed.),    ME letter of Alex. to Aristotle    Rodopi 78

A. S. G. Edwards    NQ 25 78    MSS of Polychronicon

M. N. Hallmundsson    Viator 9 78    Notes on Usk's audience

Traugott Lawler    Viator 14 83    On the properties of Trevisa's major translations

C. W. R. D. Moseley (tr.),    Travels of Sir John Mandeville    Penguin 83

M. C. Seymour,    On the Properties of Things, Vol. III    OUP 87

Thos. D. Hill    SP 85 88    Prose Solomon & Saturn & Transformation combat

R. Waldron    Trevisa's original prefaces on translation (ed.)    Kane essays 88

R. Waldron    Dialect aspects of MSS of Trevisa's Polychronicon    In F. Riddy, Regionalism 89

R. Waldron    MLQ 51 90    MSS of Trevisa's Polychronicon

M. C. Seymour (ed.),    Barth. Angl. and his encyclopaedia    Variorum 92

David Carlson    Chaucer's Boethius and Usk's Testament: politics and love in the Chauc. Tradition    In Leyerle essays, 1993

M. C. Seymour    Mandeville    Variorum 94

D. C. Fowler    Trevisa    Variorum 94

D. C. Fowler,    The life & times of John Trevisa, med. scholar    U. Washington Press 95

F. Grady    Mahomet & Mandeville's Travels    In J. V. Tolan (ed.), Med. Christian perceptions of Islam    Garland 95

Lucy Lewis    NQ 240 95    Langland's Tree of Charity and Usk's `wexing tree'

W. Scase    Pecock    Variorum 96

M. C. Seymour    Capgrave    Variorum 96

Sylvia Tomasch (ed.),    Text & territory: geographical imag. in the MA    [ref. Mandeville]    Penn 97

George Keiser    ChauR 31 96-7    Herbal of Henry Daniel (c. 1380-85)

S. Medcalf    The world and heart of Usk    In Burrow essays 97

I. M. Higgins,    Writing East: The `Travels' of Sir John Mandeville    Penn 97

W. Marx    JEBS 1 97    Nat. Lib. Wales MS 21608 & ME prose Brut   

L. Matheson,    Prose Brut: dev. of an Eng. chronicle    ACMRS 98

R. A. Shoaf (ed.),    Usk's Testament    TEAMS 98

Charles Briggs    EMS 7 98    Digby 233 & the patronage of Trevisa's De regimine principum

David Fowler et al (eds.),    Trevisa's ME trans. of De Reg. Princ.    Garland 99

Lucy Lewis    MAE 68 99    Identity of Margaret in Usk's Testament of Love

Heather R. Hatton    SP 96 99    Governance and mutual obligation in Usk's Testament

Andrew Fleck    SP 97 00    Here, there, and in between: representing difference in Mandeville's Travels


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


D. M. Grisdale (ed.),    3 ME Sermons from Worc. MS    Leeds 39

G. R. Owst    Sortilegium (Sorcery) in 14thc. homiletic lit.    In Studies Presented to Sir Hilary Jenkinson, ed. J. Conway Davies    OUP 57

Martyn Wakelin    LSE 1 67    MSS of Mirk's Festial

J. B. Schneyer,    Repertorium des Lat. Sermones des M. A.    1969-74

P. C. Erb    MS 33 71    Vernac. preaching material in CUL Ii.4.8

A. McIntosh    NM 73 72    Some words in N. Homily Cycle

E. Wilson    NM 74 73    Wimbledon's Sermon

L. E. Boyle    Spec. 48 73    Date of Bromyard's Summa Praedicantium

Marg. Jennings    M&H 5 74    Art of pseudo-Origen homily on Mary Magd. (Lat)

Joan Gregg    Trad. 33 77    Exempla of Jacob's Well: transmission of Sermon stories

Patrick Horner    Trad. 34 78    Sermon on Richard Beauchamp d. 1401 [genuine macaronic]

Alan Fletcher    NQ 25 78    Reminiscence of I sing of a maiden in sermon

Sue Powell & Alan Fletcher    LSE 10 78    Sermon Collection in Harley 2247 & Royal 18. B. xx

S. Wenzel,    Verses in Sermons    Med. Acad. 87 1978

R. F. Jones    Spec. 54 79    An AN rhymed sermon for Ash Wednesday

L. J. Bataillon    LSE 11 79    Approaches to the study of med. sermons

V. Gillespie    LSE 11 79    Design & Function of some Pastoral Manuals

S. Wenzel    Anglia 97 79    The joyous art of preaching: preacher & fabliau

R. H. & M. A. Rouse,    Preachers, Florilegia & Sermons: Manipulus Florum of Thos. of Ireland    Toronto 79

Alan Fletcher    Spec. 55 80    Unnoticed sermons from Mirk's Festial

Gillian Evans & David D'Avray    MAE 49 80    An unusual Ars Praedicandi

S. Powell & A. Fletcher    LSE 12 81    Late med. funeral & memorial sermon

Sue Powell (ed.),    Advent & Nativity Sermons (7) from 15thc. MS of Mirk's Festial    MET 81

S. Powell    NQ 29 82    New Dating of Mirk's Festial

A. McIntosh & M. Wakelin    NM 83 82    Mirk's Festial & Hatton MS 96

Helen Spencer    MS 44 82    Vernacular & Latin versions of a sermon for Lent

Jean Longère    Et. ang. '83    La Prédication Médiévale

A. Hudson & P. Gradon, (eds.),    English Wycliffite Sermons    Oxford 1983-96

A. Hudson & H. L. Spencer    MAE 53 84    Old author, new work:    Sermons of Longleat 4

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S. Nevanlinna (ed.),    Northern Homily Cycle    Helsinki 85

Alan Fletcher    MAE 55 86    The sermon booklets of Friar Nicholas Philip

H. Spencer    MS 48 86    A Lollard sermon-cycle in the 15thc.

S. Wenzel,    Fasciculus Morum: A 14thc Preacher's Handbook    Penn '89    (see also NM 87 '86)

V. Gillespie    Evolution of the Speculum Christiani    In Minnis, Latin & vernacular 89

T. P. Dolan    English & Latin versions of FitzRalph's sermons    In ibid. 89

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S. Powell    LSE 22 91    Mirk's Festial & the pastoral program

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A. Blamires    Viator 26 95    Women and preaching

S. Wenzel    Spec. 70 95    Academic sermons at Oxford in early 15th c.

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Malcolm Jones    MAE 66 97    The parodic sermon in med. and early modern English

Alan Fletcher,    Preaching, politics and poetry in late med. England    Four Courts Press 1998

Alan Fletcher    LSE 29 98    Performing the 7 Deadly Sins - how one late med. Eng. preacher did it

Simon Forde    LSE 29 98    Lay preaching and the Lollards of Norwich diocese

V. O'Mara    LSE 29 98    Saints' plays and preaching: theory and practice in late ME sanctorale sermons

Katherine Little    Traditio 54 99    Catechesis & castigation: sin in the Wycliffite sermon cycle


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


Sven Fristedt,    The Wycliff Bible    Stockholm 53

C. Lindberg    StN 42 70    Mss & versions of Wycliffite bible

Anne Hudson    MAE 40 71    A Lollard Sermon Cycle

Anne Hudson    RES 22 71    A Lollard Quire [with knight & clerk discussing q. of Lordship]

Peggy Ann Knapp    Spec. 46 71    Wycliff as bible translator

Anne Hudson    NQ 20 73    Contrib. to a bibliog. of Wycliffite writings

W. R. Jones    JHI 34 73    Lollards & images: defence of relig. art in late Med. England

Conrad Lindberg,    Earlier Version of Wycl. Bible    Stockholm 73

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Margaret Aston    Lollards & Reformers: Images & Literacy in late med. religion    Hambledon 84

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Anthony Kenny,    Wyclif    OUP 85

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Christina von Nolcken    MP 83 85-86    Unremarked group of Wycliffite Later sermons

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H. Spencer    MS 48 86    A Lollard sermon-cycle in the 15thc.

Alan Fletcher    MAE 56 87    John Mirk & the Lollards

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M. T. Brady    Traditio 44 88    Lollard sources of Pore Caitif

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Gloria Cigman    RES 40 89    Lollard preacher as truth and light

Susan Powell    MAE 59 90    Lollards & Lombards: med. bogeymen?    [they were not precise terms]

P. Horner    MS 52 90    Benedictine support for Henry V's suppression of Lollards

Ralph Hanna    MLQ 51 90    The difficulty of Ricardian prose translation: the case of the Lollards

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R. Hanna    In R. Copeland (ed.), Criticism and Dissent 96    Vae Octuplex: Lollard socio-textual ideology and Ricardo-Lancastrian prose translation

S. Justice    In ibid. 96    [the Representations essay 94]

Fiona E. Somerset    MS 58 96    Vernacular argumentation in Testimony of Wm Thorpe

R. Copeland    NML 1 97    Childhood, pedagogy and the literal sense: from late antiquity to the Lollard classroom

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Kantik Ghosh    NML 1 97    Editing the interpreter: Wycliff and spiritual truth

M. Kuczynski    In W. F. Pollard & R. Boenig (eds.), Mysticism and spirituality in med. England    Rolle among the reformers: orthodoxy and heterodoxy in

Wycliffite copies of Rolle's Psalter

Stephen Morrison    Cahiers élisabethains 52 97    Lollardy in the 15th c. - evidence of some orthodox texts

Ruth Nissé    YLS 11 97    The Tretise of Miraclis Pleyynge, Lollard exegesis, and the failure of representation

Dan Embree (ed.),    Chronicles of Rome [one is a Lollard attack on the papacy]    Brewer 98

Simon Forde    LSE 29 98    Lay preaching and the Lollards of Norwich diocese

Kantik Ghosh    NML 2 98    Eliding the interpreter: John Wyclif & spiritual truth

A. Hudson    Viator 30 99    Accessus ad Auctores: the case of John Wyclif

Katherine Little    Traditio 54 99    Catechesis & castigation: sin in the Wycliffite sermon cycle

K. Kerby-Fulton    Speculum 75 00    Prophecy & suspicion: closet radicalism, reformist politics and the vogue for Hildegardiana in Ricardian England

Kantik Ghosh    MSS of Love's Mirror & Wycliffite notions of `authority'    In F. Riddy (ed.), Prestige, authority & power 00


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


F. G. Aarts (ed.),    Paternoster of Richard Ermyte    Nijmegen 66

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Lois Smedick    MS 41 79    Parallelism & pointing in Rolle's rhythmical style

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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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(Derek Pearsall's Thirty Year Working Bibliography)


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