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Long, close "e" - as in "Fate"

Note. There is a phonetic distinction between "close" and "open" e in Middle English. In general, words that in Modern English are spelled with ea such as meat , were open in Middle English. Those spelled with e or ee in Modern English such as meet , were closed in Middle English. The word great is an unusual preservation of the open vowel in Modern English.

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Long, open 'e' - as in 'fête' (In French)

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Long, open and Long, close 'e' Sentence Examples

Wel loved he garleek, onyons,and eek lekes.

(GP 634)


And seyde, "Fy! allas! what have I do?"

"Teehee!" quod she, and clapte the window to

(MilT 3739-40)


My love-longynge, for yet I shal nat mysse

That at the leeste wey I shal hire kisse.

(MilT 3679-80)