Section 3

Play the word or sentence; pronouce it aloud, and play it again to check your pronunciation.

Short "e" - as in "Bed"

Note. Short e is pronounced about as it is in Modern English; unstressed final e is ordinarily sounded before consonants and at the end of lines. It is not usually pronounced before vowels or the letter h. Unstressed e in inflectional endings is always sounded. Note that in the second example below the unstressed e's are not pronounced in yeldehalle because the first precedes an h and the second the vowel o in on.


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Unstressed 'e' - as in 'horses'

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Short 'e' and unstressed 'e' Sentence Examples

And smale foules maken melodye

That slepen al the nyght with open ye

(GP 9-10)


Wel semed ech of hem a fair burgeys

To sitten in a yeldehalle on a deys.

(GP 369-70)