There are relatively few good critical articles available on the Web, mainly because of problems with copyright. This site does include two of Kittredge's classic articles (which are out of copyright):

George Lyman Kittredge, "Chaucer's Pardoner," The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 72, 1893, pp. 829-33.
George Lyman Kittredge, "Chaucer's Discussion of Marriage," Modern Philology, IX (1911-1912), 435-67.

Thanks to the authors who gave us permission, we do have a number of significant articles, which students may find helpful, especially in writing their papers.


David Aers, ""Imagination, Order and Ideology: The Knight's Tale," from Chaucer, Langland, and the creative imagination, 1980, pp. 175-95.

David Aers, ""Chaucer: Love, Sex and Marriage," from Chaucer, Langland, and the creative imagination, 1980 pp. 143-70.

David Benson, "Chaucer's Pardoner: His Sexuality and Modern Critics," Medievalia 8 (1985 [for 1982]), pp. 337-46. (See Green, below)

Mary Carruthers, ""The Wife of Bath and the Painting of Lions," PMLA 94 (1979), 209-22.

Susan Crane, ""Medieval Romance and Feminine Difference in the Knight's Tale," Studies in the Age of Chaucer 12 (1990), pp. 47-63.

E.T. Donaldson, "Chaucer the Pilgrim," PMLA 69, (1954): pp. 928-937

Richard F. Green, "The Sexual Normality of Chaucer's Pardoner," Medievalia 8 (1985 [for 1982]), 351-57.

Monica McAlpine, "The Pardoner's Homosexuality and How It Matters," PMLA 95, (1980), 8-22.

Charles Muscatine, ""The Knight's Tale," Chaucer and the French Tradition, pp. 175-190.

Charles Muscatine, ""The Nun's Priest's Tale," Chaucer and the French Tradition, pp. 237-43.

Lee Patterson, ""Chaucerian Confession: Penitential Literature and the Pardoner," Medievalia et Humanistica 7 (1976).

Derek Pearsall, "Chaucer's Pardoner: Death of a Salesman," Chaucer Review, Vol. 17, No.4, 1983.

Albert H. Silverman, "Sex and Money in Chaucer's Shipman's Tale," Philological Quarterly, XXXII (July, 1953), pp. 329-336.

Other useful articles can be found in the electronic collections such as JSTOR and PROQUEST; they are available only to institutional subscribers (mainly libraries). If you have access to a research library that subscribes to JSTOR you will find that right now, historical journals predominate in the collection and only Speculum has any literary studies. Moreover, JSTOR contains only the volumes through 1989 for that journal. JSTOR is expanding and will soon include literary as well as historical journals, along with more recent articles from the journals now included. Articles now available and of special interest for students of Chaucer are listed below.

D. S. Brewer, Class Distinction in Chaucer, Speculum, , Vol. 43, No. 2. (Apr., 1968), pp. 290-305.

Paul E. Beichner, C.S.C., Daun Piers, Monk and Business Administrator, Speculum. , Vol. 34, No. 4. (Oct., 1959), pp. 611-619.

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Edgar H. Duncan, The Literature of Alchemy and Chaucer's Canon's Yeoman's Tale: Framework, Theme, and Characters, Speculum. (1968), 633-56.

John H. Fisher, "Chancery and the Emergence of Standard Written English in the Fifteenth Century," Speculum. , Vol. 52, No. 4. (Oct., 1977), pp. 870-89.

Patrick Gallacher, Food, Laxatives, and Catharsis in Chaucer's Nun's Priest's Tale, S peculum. , Vol. 51, No. 1. (Jan., 1976), pp. 49-68.

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Siegfried Wenzel, Poets, Preachers, and the Plight of Literary Critics, Speculum. , Vol. 60, No. 2. (Apr., 1985), pp. 343-363.

For an excellent bibliography of recent (print) criticsm see The Chaucer On-line Bibliography, constructed and maintained by Mark Allen at the University of Texas at San Antonio, which has the Annual Bibliography of Studies in the Age of Chaucer on line. Read the directions below, just in case, then click here.

A screen with UTSA (Univ, of Texas at Sant Antonio) will appear. When requested to enter the aplication, type


At the menu prompt type:

CHAU [Enter]

Then follow the directions on the screen.

When you are finished, to exit the bibliography type



For other bibliographical resources, including the very useful Essential Chaucer by Mark Allen and John H. Fisher, see The Chaucer Metapage, which contains much other helpful material.

There are many very good critical books on Chaucer; listed here are only a very few of those that may prove helpful to the beginning student:

Kittredge, George Lyman, Chaucer and his poetry, lectures delivered in 1914 on the Percy Turnbull Memorial Foundation in the Johns Hopkins University, Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1915 [PR1924.K5]. Frequently reprinted; the 50th Anniversary Edition contains an interesting sketch of Kittredge's life.

Mann, Jill, Chaucer and medieval estates satire; the literature of social classes and the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Cambridge [Eng.] University Press, 1973 [PR1868.P9 M3].

Muscatine, Charles, Chaucer and the French tradition; a study in style and meaning, Berkeley, University of California Press, 1957. [PR1912.A3 M8]

Patterson, Lee, Chaucer and the subject of history, Madison, Wis., University of Wisconsin Press, 1991. [PR1933.H57 P38 1991].

Pearsall, Derek, The Canterbury tales, London; New York: Routledge, 1993. [PR1874.P43 1993].

For further listings see pp. 313-19 in The Canterbury Tales (based on the Riverside Chaucer).



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