Chaucer, as Clerk of the Works,
Oversees Building of Scaffolds for a Tournament.



Mandate, 1 July, 1390, to the exchequer to allow Chaucer the costs of building scaffolds in Smithfield for the jousts of the preceding May.


For Geoffrey Chuacer

Richard by the grace of God king, etc., to the treasuer and barons of our exchequer, greetings.

We command you that in the account which our dear Squire Geoffrey Chaucer, Clerk of our Works, is to present you in the execution of his office you will allow him on his oath the costs made for the scaffolds in Smithfield, which he had made for us and for our very dear companion the queen at Smithfield in the Month of may now passed.

Given under our privy seal at Westminster, the first day of July in the forteenth year of our reign.


Trans. (from French) as printed in Martin Crow and Clair C. Olson, Chaucer Life Records, Oxford, 1966 [Widener 12422 598].
For an illustration (later and fictional) of these lists see Tournaments.
For an account of the tournament see Froissart.


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