Chaucer's Ransom (after his capture in France)


Martin M. Crow and Clair C. Olson, Chaucer life-Records, Oxford, 1966 [Widener 12422.598], pp. 24-25, print a list of "Contributions for Ransoms Made by the King, 12 January to 7 July 1360" (from which the following is extracted):

13 Dec.
12 Jan.
12 Jan.

12 Jan.
31 Jan.
3 Feb.
29 Feb.
1 Mar.

8 Apr.
8 Apr.
7 Jul.
Sir William de Graunson, knight of Burgundy
Richard Stury, King's Esquire
George, Valettus of Countess of Ulster
. . .
John Parker, Valettus of Queen Isaballa
John de York, king's carter and his seven fellows
Richard de Barton and William de Pull., poultry purveyors
John de Champain, chaplain
Geoffrey Chaucer
. . .
Geoffrey Hacking and Thomas de Staines, valetti of the Queen
Richard Dulle, archer
John Smart, master of the smiths

£9 12 s


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