Translations of Basic Vocabulary
(Part I, Lines 1-157 of the Shipman's Tale)


Here are the glosses for the words on the quiz. If the meaning is obscure even with the gloss, check the lines in the interlinear translation (use the search button on your browser -- Control F in netscape -- and search for the line numbers); then use the back button to return here.
1 A marchant whilom dwelled at Seint-Denys,

10 But wo is hym that payen moot for al!
      must pay

16 Or ellis list no swich dispence endure,
      desires . . . such

27 That evere in oon was drawynge to that place.

34 And eek this monk of which that I bigan,

53 But so bifel, this marchant on a day

62 This noble monk, of which I yow devyse,
      relate, tell

69 Oure deere cosyn, ful of curteisye?

73 And thus I lete hem ete and drynke and pleye,

82 His bookes and his bagges many oon
      many a one

88 And thus he sit til it was passed pryme.
      (sit = sitteth), sits

109 That yow were nede to resten hastily."
      you needed, it was necessary for you

113 And seyde thus, "Ye, God woot al," quod she.

115 For, by that God that yaf me soule and lyf,

119 That I was born,' but to no wight," quod she,

130 Al youre anoy, for it shal been secree.

141 Thus been they sworn, and heerupon they kiste,

147 With myn housbonde, al be he youre cosyn."
      even though he is, albeit that

151 I clepe hym so, by Seint Denys of Fraunce,

154 Aboven alle wommen, sikerly.
      surely, truly

Grade your quiz, make a list of the words that you did not know and, if you missed a good many (say three or four or more), read again lines 1-157 of The Shipman's Tale. Do not be discouraged if you did miss a good many; most people will have trouble at their first try at this sort of quiz. When you have reread lines 1-157, have another try.

If you did well and do not need further testing, go on to Part II of the Shipman's Tale (Or use the back button on your browser to return to the previous page.)