Translations of basic vocabulary
(Part II, Lines 158-306 of the Shipman's Tale)

Here are the glosses for the words on the quiz. Again, if the meaning is obscure even with the gloss, check the lines in the interlinear translation (use the search button on your browser -- Control F in netscape -- and search for the line numbers); then use the back button to return here.


166 God shilde I sholde it tellen, for his grace!
     forbid, prevent

175 They wolde that hir housbondes sholde be

178 But by that ilke Lord that for us bledde,

181 An hundred frankes, or ellis I am lorn.

185 I nere but lost; and therfore I yow preye,
      were as good as lost (nere = ne + were)

197 I have," quod he, "on yow so greet a routhe

210 And bad the cookes that they sholde hem hye,

226 For of us chapmen, also God me save,
      as God may save me

236 Upon this queynte world t'avyse me,

241 For which, my deere wyf, I thee biseke,

247 Thee lakketh noon array ne no vitaille;

249 And with that word his countour-dore he shette,

259 God and Seint Austyn spede yow and gyde!

294 And prively he took hem to daun John.

297 They drynke, and speke, and rome a while and pleye,
      amuse themselves

Again, make a list of the words that you did not know and, if you missed a good many, read again lines 158-306 of The Shipman's Tale. When you are satisfied that you know most of the words on the list above, go on to Part III of The Shipman's Tale. (Or use the back button on your browser to return to the previous page.)