Test Again Your Basic Vocabulary
(Part I, Lines 1-157 of the Shipman's Tale)

The bold-faced words in the lines below are all common words which you will frequently encounter in Chaucer's texts. This self-test is to disover how much of that vocabulary you now command or should study further.

Jot down your translation of each of the bold-faced words in the lines below:


5 Which is a thyng that causeth more dispence

15 And if that he noght may, par aventure,

26 I trowe a thritty wynter he was oold --

30 Sith that hir firste knoweliche bigan,

48 He yaf the lord, and sitthe al his meynee,

57 For which he hath to Parys sent anon

63 Hath of his abbot, as hym list, licence,

72 And volatyl, as ay was his usage.

79 Of thilke yeer how that it with hym stood,

86 And eek he nolde that no man sholde hym lette

99 "What eyleth yow so rathe for to ryse?"

110 And with that word he lough ful murily,

114 "Nay, cosyn myn, it stant nat so with me;

117 That lasse lust hath to that sory pley.

128 Paraventure I may, in youre meschief,

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