Glosses for Quiz on The Canon's Yeoman's
Prologue and Tale

(Lines VIII.554-1481)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

560 So swatte that it wonder was to see;
      swatte: sweated

565 He was of foom al flekked as a pye.
      flekked: spotted     pye: magpie

635 It is al baudy and totore also.
      baudy: dirty     totore: tattered

681 We mowen nat, although we hadden it sworn,
      although we hadden it sworn: though we had sworn the contrary

705 Syn he is goon, the foule feend hym quelle!
      quelle: kill

730 And of my swynk yet blered is myn ye.
      blered is myn ye: my eye is bleary, I have been deluded

739 If he continue, I holde his thrift ydo.
      thrift ydo: prosperity, or welfare, done for

751 Oure elvysshe craft, we semen wonder wise,
      elvysshe: strange, mysterious

752 Oure termes been so clergial and so queynte.
      clergial: scholarly, learned     queynte: complex

874 I warne yow wel, it is to seken evere.
      to seken evere: always to be sought; i.e., never to be found

887 Hir savour is so rammyssh and so hoot
      rammyssh: like a ram, strong (in odor)

907 The pot tobreketh, and farewel, al is go!
      tobreketh: shatters

922 Somme seyde it was long on the fir makyng;
      long on: owing to

983 That he wol make hym doten anonright,
      doten: behave foolishly

1005 That giltlees were? By yow I seye the same,
      By: concerning

1030 This preest hym took a marc, and that as swithe,
      as swithe: immediately

1085 To tellen thyn unwit and thy folye,
      unwit: lack of prudence

1165 And understondeth that this false gyn
      gyn: contrivance

1265 An holwe stikke -- taak kep and be war! --
      holwe: hollow

1278 He stired the coles til relente gan
      relente: soften, melt

1341 This sotted preest, who was gladder than he?
      sotted: besotted, foolish

1385 Lo, thus byjaped and bigiled was he!
      byjaped: tricked

1402 Lo! swich a lucre is in this lusty game,
      lucre: profit

1412 Though ye prolle ay, ye shul it nevere fynde.
      prolle ay: search or prowl forever

1473 Ne wil nat that the philosophres nevene
      nevene: name


Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80 or more, congratulations. If you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through of The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue and Tale (VIII.554-1481), paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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