Glosses for Quiz on
The Friar's Prologue and Tale

(Lines III.1264-1664)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

1272 In scole-matere greet difficultee.
      scole-matere; subject for debate at the universities

1306 Of diffamacioun, and avowtrye,
      diffamacioun: slander    avowtrye: adultery

1314 Ther myghte asterte hym no pecunyal peyne.
asterte: escape     pecunyal peyne: monetary punishment, fine

1323 For subtilly he hadde his espiaille,
            espaille: network of spies

1339 Hadde alwey bawdes redy to his hond,
            bawdes: pimps

1343 They weren his approwours prively.
            approwours: agents

1359 Thus was the wenche and he of oon assent,
            of oon assent: agreed, in league together

1365 Thee thar namoore as in this cas travaille.
            thar: need     travaille: work, trouble yourself

1373 And for that was the fruyt of al his rente,
            fruyt of al his rente: the best portion of his income

1380 A gay yeman, under a forest syde.
            yeman: yeoman

1386 Wher rydestow, under this grene-wode shawe?"
            shawe: wood, thicket

1404 Everych in ootheres hand his trouthe leith,
            trouthe: pledged word

1427 My lord is hard to me and daungerous,
            daungerous: demanding

1440 Ne of swiche japes wol I nat be shryven.
            shryven: confessed

1467 A lowsy jogelour kan deceyve thee,
            jogelour: conjurer

1509 And speke as renably and faire and wel
            renably: readily, fluently

1568 The carl spak oo thing, but he thoghte another.
            carl: fellow

1572 This somonour to his brother gan to rowne:
            rowne: whisper

1580 Wynne thy cost, taak heer ensample of me."
            cost: expenses

1587 Up peyne of cursyng, looke that thou be
            Up peyne of cursyng: on pain of excommunication

1596 And answere there by my procuratour
            procuratour: representative

1609 Kithe youre almesse on me, povre wrecche."
            Kithe: show     almesse: charity

1622 Unto the devel blak and rough of hewe
            hewe: appearance

1649 Swiche peynes that youre hertes myghte agryse,
            agryse: cause to tremble

1662 For Crist wol be youre champion and knyght.
            champion: champion, representative in judicial duel


Award yourself 4 pints for each correct answer. If you got 80 or more, congratulations! If you had trouble (got less than 80 points), you should go back and read carefully through the Friar's Prologue and Tale, paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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