Glosses for quiz #1 of the Knight's Tale

(Lines I.859-1354)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

859 Whilom, as olde stories tellen us,
      Whilom: once stories: histories

875 And certes, if it nere to long to heere,
      certes: certainly nere: (= ne were, were not heere: hear

885 But al that thyng I moot as now forbere.
      moot as now forbere: must now forgo

902 That herde swich another waymentynge;
      waymentynge: lamentation

909 Or who hath yow mysboden or offended?
      mysboden: injured

918 But we biseken mercy and socour.
      biseken: beseech, ask for

945 And wol nat suffren hem, by noon assent,
      suffren hem: allow them

957 And in his armes he hem alle up hente,
      hem alle up hente: picked them all up

963 How Creon was of Theseus yserved
      of Theseus yserved: served, treated by Theseus

972 And Emelye, hir yonge suster sheene,
      sheene: bright

1008 After the bataille and disconfiture.
      discomfiture: defeat

1024 Perpetuelly -- he nolde no raunsoun.
      nolde no raunsoun: would not accept any ransom

1032 For everemoore; ther may no gold hem quite.
      may ... hem quite: can ransom them

1040 Er it were day, as was hir wone to do,
      wone: custom, wont

1075 That thurgh a wyndow, thikke of many a barre
      thikke of: thick(ly set) with

1082 That art so pale and deedly on to see?
      on to see: to look upon

1101 I noot wher she be womman or goddesse,
      noot (=ne woot), know not wher: whether

1140 I woot right wel, thou darst it nat withseyn.
      darst it nat withseyn: dare not deny it

1154 And thou art fals, I telle thee outrely,
      outrely: utterly, flatly

1184 And soothly, leeve brother, this is al.
      leeve: dear

1208 In swich a gyse as I you tellen shal.
      gyse: manner

1216 Ther nas noon oother remedie ne reed;
      reed: course of action

1236 Ful blisfully in prison maistow dure --
      maistow dure: you can live

1265 And certes, in this world so faren we;
      certes: certainly

1278 Resouneth of his youlyng and clamour.
      Resouneth of: resounds with youlyng: howling

1334 Now wol I stynte of Palamon a lite,
      stynte of: cease (speaking) of

Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80, you are doing well. Go on to read Part II of the Knight's Tale.

If you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through this part (lines I.859-1354), paying close attention to meaning.

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