Glosses for Quiz on the The Merchant's
Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue

(Lines IV.1213-1440)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

1269 And namely whan a man is oold and hoor;
      hoor: white-haired

1295 What force though Theofraste liste lye?
      What force: what does it matter

1314 Or moebles -- alle ben yiftes of Fortune
      moebles: personal property

1332 His paradys terrestre, and his disport.
      paradys terrestre: earthly paradise

1361 Do alwey so as wommen wol thee rede.
      rede: advise

1410 And I wol fonde t' espien, on my syde,
      fonde t'espien: try to discover

1458 I feele my lymes stark and suffisaunt
      stark: strong

1512 Crist halt hym of this conseil ful wel apayd.
      halt hym (= holdeth hym), considers himself     ful wel apayd: very well satisfied

1591 For hire sadnesse and hire benyngnytee
      sadnesse: seriousness

1598 For love is blynd alday, and may nat see.
      alday: always

1658 He wolde noon auctoritee allegge,
      allegge: cite, adduce

1671 She may be Goddes meene and Goddes whippe;
      meene: means, instrument

1714 The mooste deyntevous of al Ytaille.
      deyntevous: delicious

1753 That he that nyght in armes wolde hire streyne
      streyne: press

1786 Lyk to the naddre in bosom sly untrewe,
      naddre: adder, serpent

1847 He was al coltissh, ful of ragerye,
      coltissh: frisky as colt     ragerye: wantonness

1893 The fourthe day compleet fro noon to noon,
      compleet: completed

1911 And therto manly, and eek servysable,
      servysable: willing to serve, attentive

2061 O brotil joye! O sweete venym queynte!
      brotil: uncertain

2198 Or elles I empeyre so my name,
      empeyre: damage

2262 Thanne shal he knowen al hire harlotrye,
      harlotrye: wickedness

2331 I moste han of the peres that I see,
      of the peres: some of the pears

2367 "O stronge lady stoore, what dostow?"
      stronge lady stoore: bold, crude woman

2402 Ne may nat sodeynly so wel yse,
      yse: see

2413 He kisseth hire and clippeth hire ful ofte,
      clippeth: embraces


Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80 or more, congratulations. If you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through of The Merchant's Prologue, Tale and Epilogue (IV.1213-2440), paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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