Glosses for Quiz on the Monk's
Prologue and Tale

(Lines VII.1889-2766)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

1904 Whan she comth hoom she rampeth in my face,
      rampeth; shakes her fist

1911 That wol been overlad with every wight!
      overlad: overborne, browbeaten

1952 Though he were shorn ful hye upon his pan,
      pan: skull

1956 Of fieble trees ther comen wrecched ympes.
      wreeched ympes: weak offshoots

2044 Out of a wang-tooth sprang anon a welle,
      wang-tooth: molar

2074 Where-as they made hym at the queerne grynde.
      queerne: mill

2104 And made his hors to frete hym, flessh and boon;
      frete: devour

2160 Sixty cubites long and sevene in brede,
      brede: breadth

2169 Ne myghte hym nat bireve of his estaat.
      bireve: deprive

2213 And therfore God greet wreche upon hym sente,
      wreche: vengeance

2369 Now gaureth al the peple on hire, allas!
      gaureth al the peple: everyone stares

2390 Broghte this worthy kyng in swich a brike.
      brike: plight

2469 Were alle his clothes brouded up and doun,
      brouded: embroidered

2490 Be domesman of hire dede beautee.
      domesman: judge

2538 For fere almoost out of his wit he breyde,
      breyde: suddenly moved, went

2560 For lesynge of richesse or libertee,
      For lesynge: for fear of losing

2594 That he bad greithen his chaar ful hastily,
      greithen: prepare

2624 Ful wlatsom was the stynk of his careyne;
      wlatsom: loathsome     careyne: body

2702 With boydekyns, as I shal yow devyse.
      boydekyns: daggers

2712 And so wel lovede estaatly honestee,
      estaatly honestee: dignified decorum

2721 That of this storie writen word and ende,
      word and ende: beginning and end

2731 But swich a reyn doun fro the welkne shadde
      welkne: sky

2740 And eek a sweven upon a nyght he mette,
      sweven: dream     mette: dreamed

2748 Which that he knew in heigh sentence habounde,
      in heigh sentence habounde: to abound in good judgment, wisdom

2764 With unwar strook the regnes that been proude;
      unwar strook: unexpected stroke


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