Glosses for Quiz on The Nun's Priest's
Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue

(Lines VII.2767-3462)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

2829 She foond hirself and eek hir doghtren two.
      foond: provided for

2831 Three keen, and eek a sheep that highte Malle.
      keen: cows

2848 With stikkes, and a drye dych withoute,
      stikkes: palings

2862 Lyk asure were his legges and his toon;
      asure: azure     toon: toes

2871 Curteys she was, discreet, and debonaire,
      debonaire: gracious

2896 Now God," quod he, "my swevene recche aright,
      swevene: dream     recche aright: interpret correctly

2991 In which they bothe myghte ylogged bee.
      ylogged: lodged

3034 And forth he gooth -- no lenger wolde he lette --
      lette: delay

3049 The dede man, that mordred was al newe.
      al newe: very recently, just now

3059 Han hent the carter and so soore hym pyned,
      pyned: tortured

3066 I gabbe nat, so have I joye or blis --
      gabbe: lie

3072 But on a day, agayn the even-tyde,
      agayn: shortly before

3096 And thus forslewthen wilfully thy tyde,
      forslewthen: slothfully waste

3154 That I ne telle of laxatyves no stoor,
      telle of ... no stoor: regard as worthless

3172 And with that word he fley doun fro the beem,
      fley: flew     beem: beam, roost

3177 He fethered Pertelote twenty tyme,
      fethered: clasped with his wings

3185 Leve I this Chauntecleer in his pasture,
      pasture: feeding place

3197 That it was pryme, and crew with blisful stevene.
      stevene: voice

3224 As gladly doon thise homycides alle
      gladly: habitually

3231 That thou into that yerd flaugh fro the bemes!
      flaugh: flew

3267 Faire in the soond, to bathe hire myrily,
      soond: sand

3278 As man that was affrayed in his herte.
      affrayed: frightened

3337 For yet ne was ther no man that hym sewed.
      sewed: pursued

3390 The dokes cryden as men wolde hem quelle;
      quelle: kill

3416 This cok brak from his mouth delyverly,
      delyverly: nimbly


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