Glosses for quiz #1 of the Shipman's Tale

(Lines VII.1-160)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

4 And compaignable and revelous was she,
      compaignable: sociable  revelous: convivial, fond of revelry

5 Which is a thyng that causeth more dispence
      dispense: expense

6 Than worth is al the chiere and reverence
      chieire: attention

8 Swiche salutaciouns and contenaunces
      contenaunces: courtesies

11 The sely housbonde, algate he moot paye,
      sely: poor, simple

13 Al for his owene worshipe richely,
      worshipe: honor

20 This noble marchaunt heeld a worthy hous,
      heeld a worthy hous: maintained his household generously

21 For which he hadde alday so greet repair
      alday: daily so gret repair: so many visitors

22 For his largesse, and for his wyf was fair,
      largesse: generosity

26 I trowe a thritty wynter he was oold --
      a thritty wynter: about thirty years

27 That evere in oon was drawynge to that place.
      evere in oon: always

29 Aqueynted was so with the goode man,
      aqueynted: acquainted with          goode man:the goodman, head of the houschold

30 Sith that hir firste knoweliche bigan,
      knoweliche: acquaintance

36 The monk hym claymeth as for cosynage,
      cosynage: kinship

42 Of bretherhede whil that hir lyf may dure.
      bretherbede: sworn brotherhood

43 Free was daun John, and manly of dispence,
      manly: generous

45 To doon plesaunce, and also greet costage.
      doon ... greet costage: spend much money

54 Shoop hym to make redy his array
      shoop hym: prepared

56 To byen there a porcioun of ware;
      porcioun: quantity         ware: merchandise

65 And eek an officer, out for to ryde,
      officer: official

66 To seen hir graunges and hire bernes wyde,
      graunges: outlying farms

69 Oure deere cosyn, ful of curteisye?
      cosyn: kinsman

70 With hym broghte he a jubbe of malvesye,
      jubbe: a large container,jug malvesye malmsey

71 And eek another ful of fyn vernage,
      vernage: white Italian wine (vernaccia)

72 And volatyl, as ay was his usage.
      volatyl: game fowl

76 And on his nedes sadly hym avyseth,
      nedes: business, duties

86 And eek he nolde that no man sholde hym lette
      lette: disturb

88 And thus he sit til it was passed pryme.
      prime: 9 A.M.

91 And hath his thynges seyd ful curteisly.
      thynges: duties, devotions

97 For yet under the yerde was the mayde.
      under the yerde: subject to (adult) authority

99 "What eyleth yow so rathe for to ryse?"
      rathe: early

100 "Nece," quod he, "it oghte ynough suffise
      nece: kinswoman

102 But it were for an old appalled wight,
      appalled: pallid, feeble

103 As been thise wedded men, that lye and dare
      dare: lie motionless or dozing

104 As in a fourme sit a wery hare,
      fourme: form (a grassy, often sheltered, hollow)

105 Were al forstraught with houndes grete and smale.
      forstraught: distraught

108 Hath yow laboured sith the nyght bigan
      laboured: put to work

116 In al the reawme of France is ther no wyf
      reawme: realm

117 That lasse lust hath to that sory pley.
      lust: pleasure

130 Al youre anoy, for it shal been secree.
      anoy: trouble

131 For on my portehors I make an ooth
      portehors: breviary

133 Ne shal I of no conseil yow biwreye."
      biwreye: expose, betray

139 Nat for no cosynage ne alliance,
      cosynage: kinship

140 But verraily for love and affiance."
      affiance: trust

143 "Cosyn," quod she, "if that I hadde a space,
      space: time, space of time

145 Thanne wolde I telle a legende of my lyf,
      legende: saint's life, tale of suffering

155 This swere I yow on my professioun.
      professioun: monastic vows

159 Ful lief were me this conseil for to hyde,
      Ful lief were me: I would very much like

Score 4 points for each correct answer (for some guidance on grading click here ; if you made an 80 or more go on to Quiz #2 ; if you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through this part (lines VII,1-160I) of the Shipman's Tale, paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

If you did well (got the great majority right), go on to Quiz#2; if you had a great deal of trouble (got only a few right), you should go back and read carefully through this part of the Shipman's Tale, paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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