Glosses for Quiz on The Squire's
Introduction and Tale

(Lines V.1-708)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

18 He kepte his lay, to which that he was sworn;
      lay: religious laws

77 Whil that this kyng sit thus in his nobleye,
      nobleye: noble state

92 By ordre, as they seten in the halle,
      By ordre: sequentially     seten: sat

129 He wayted many a constellacion
      constellacion: configuration of the heavenly bodies

154 She shal eek knowe, and whom it wol do boote,
      do boote: cure

206 Rehersynge of thise olde poetries,
      poetries: poems

219 As jogelours pleyen at thise feestes grete."
      jogelours: conjurers

229 Naturelly, by composiciouns
      composiciouns: arrangements

259 On ebbe, on flood, on gossomer, and on myst,
      gossamer: spider web

316 Ye mooten trille a pyn, stant in his ere,
      trille: turn

332 In swich a gyse as I shal to yow seyn
      gyse: manner

362 She was ful mesurable, as wommen be;
      mesurable: moderate

378 And seyde, "Madame, whider wil ye goon
      whider: whither

389 Arrayed after the lusty seson soote
      soote: sweet-smelling, fragrant

401 The knotte why that every tale is toold,
      knotte: gist, main point

416 Ran endelong the tree ther-as she stood.
      endelong: down the length of

429 Of fremde land; and everemoore, as she stood,
      fremde: foreign

493 Whil that I have a leyser and a space,
      leyser: leisure, time     space: opportunity

516 And kepeth in semblaunt alle his observaunces
      semblaunt: outward appearance

555 Ne were worthy unbokelen his galoche,
      unbokelen his galoche: unbuckle his sandal

571 Kepynge the boundes of my worshipe evere.
      worshipe: honor

577 That Fortune wolde that he moste twynne
      twynne: depart

643 And by hire beddes heed she made a mewe
      mewe: pen

676 So feelyngly thou spekest, sire, I allow the!
      So feelyngly: with such delicate understanding     allow: praise

698 A tale or two, or breken his biheste."
      breken his biheste: break his promise


Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80 or more, congratulations. If you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through of The Squire's Introduction and Tale (V.1-708), paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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