Glosses for quiz #2 on the General Prologue

(Lines I.270-444)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

271 In mottelee, and hye on horse he sat;
      mottelee: parti-colored cloth hye on horse: in a high saddle

275 Sownynge alwey th' encrees of his wynnyng.
      Sownynge: concerned with, or, making known wynnyng: profit

281 So estatly was he of his governaunce
      estatly: dignified governaunce: behavior, management

286 That unto logyk hadde longe ygo.
      unto logyk hadde longe ygo: had taken (studied) logic a long time

292 Ne was so worldly for to have office.
      office: secular employment

301 And bisily gan for the soules preye
      gan ... preye: did pray, prayed

306 And short and quyk and ful of hy sentence;
      quyk: vivid, lively   hy sentence: elevated content

314 Justice he was ful often in assise,
      Justice: judge assise: the court of assizes

319 Al was fee symple to hym in effect;
      fee symple: unrestricted possession

327 And every statut koude he pleyn by rote.
      And he knew every statute entirely by heart.

332 Whit was his berd as is the dayesye;
      dayesye: daisy

338 Was verray felicitee parfit.
      verray felicitee parfit: true perfect happiness

345 It snewed in his hous of mete and drynke;
      snewed: snowed

351 Wo was his cook but if his sauce were
      but if: unless

359 A shirreve hadde he been, and a contour.
      shirreve: sheriff    contour: auditor

364 Of a solempne and a greet fraternitee.
      solempne: dignified, important fraternitee: parish guild

370 To sitten in a yeldehalle on a deys.
      yeldehalle: guildhall deys: dais

376 It is ful fair to been ycleped "madame,"
      ycleped 'madame': called "my lady"

387 For blankmanger, that made he with the beste.
      blankmanger: a thick stew or mousse    with the beste: excellently

389 For aught I woot, he was of Dertemouthe.
   For aught I woot: For all I know

392 A daggere hangynge on a laas hadde he
      laas: cord

399 If that he faught and hadde the hyer hond,
      If that: if the hyer hond: the upper hand

409 And every cryke in Britaigne and in Spayne.
      cryke: inlet

417 Wel koude he fortunen the ascendent
      fortunen the ascendant: calculate the planetary position

443 For gold in phisik is a cordial,
     cordial: medicine for the heart

Again each correct answer is worth 4 points. If you did well (80 or more) continue with your reading. If you scored 76 or less, you should go back and again read carefully through this part of the General Prologue, paying close attention to meaning.