Glosses for quiz #2 of the Knight's Tale

(Lines I.1355-1880)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

1364 His hewe falow and pale as asshen colde,
      falow: sickly yellow

1372 And in his geere for al the world he ferde
      geere: behavior ferde: behaved

1377 And shortly, turned was al up so doun
      up so doun: topsy turvy

1405 He myghte wel, if that he bar hym lowe,
      bar hym lowe: conducted himself humbly

1415 And at the gate he profreth his servyse
      profreth: offers

1453 Forpyned, what for wo and for distresse.
      Forpyned: wasted by suffering

1465 Were it by aventure or destynee --
       aventure or destynee: chance or fate

1477 That nedes cost he moot hymselven hyde,
       nedes cost: necessarily

1495 And with his stremes dryeth in the greves
      stremes: rays greves: groves

1526 That was so ny to herknen al his sawe,
      sawe: speech

1544 Woltow werreyen Thebes the citee?
      werreyen: wage war on

1559 Allas, thou felle Mars! Allas, Juno!
      felle: fierce

1592 But out of prison am astert by grace,
      astert: escaped

1650 But streight, withouten word or rehersyng,
      rehersyng: conversation

1688 And to the grove that stood ful faste by,
      ful faste by: very close by

1699 That foughten breme as it were bores two.
      breme: fiercely

1729 Thus hath he japed thee ful many a yer,
      japed: tricked

1746 It nedeth noght to pyne yow with the corde.
      pyne: torture

1762 And though he first for ire quook and sterte,
      quook: shook sterte: trembled

1789 For he kan maken, at his owene gyse,
      at his owene gyse: after his own fashion

1813 I woot it by myself ful yore agon,
      yore agon: long ago

1822 That nevere mo ye shal my contree dere,
      dere: harm

1843 As hym is shape, and herkneth in what wyse;
      wyse: manner

1863 And God so wisly on my soule rewe
       so wisly: surely, certainly    rewe: have mercy

1872 Who kouthe telle, or who kouthe it endite,
      endite: describe in writing

Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80 or more go on to Part III. If you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through this part (lines I.1355-1880) of the Knight's Tale, paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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