Glosses for quiz #2 of the The Miller's Tale

(Lines I.3397-3854)

Compare your translations with the glossed text:

3418 He nolde answere for thyng that myghte falle.
      falle: befall, happen

3462 Me reweth sore of hende Nicholas.
      Me reweth sore of: I feel sorry for

3463 He shal be rated of his studiyng,
      rated of: scolded for

3473 And evere caped upward into the eir.
      caped: gaped

3510 Ne, though I seye, I nam nat lief to gabbe.
      nam nat lief to gabbe: do not like to gab

3521 Thus shal mankynde drenche, and lese hir lyf."
      drenche: drown hir lyf: their lives

3532 I undertake, withouten mast and seyl,
      undertake: affirm, declare

3562 Go now thy wey, and speed thee heer-aboute.
      speed thee: hurry heer-aboute: about this matter

3584 Be wel avysed on that ilke nyght
      wel avysed: well warned

3596 Go now thy wey; I have no lenger space
      space: time

3619 He siketh with ful many a sory swogh;
      swogh: groan

3628 With breed, and chese, and good ale in a jubbe,
      jubbe: large container, jug

3646 For travaille of his goost he groneth soore,
      travaille of his goost: suffering of his spirit, mental anguish

3663 And he drough hym apart out of the chirche,
      drough: drew

3677 That stant ful lowe upon his boures wal.
      stant (= stondeth), stands

3684 Al nyght me mette eek I was at a feeste.
      me mette: I dreamed

3704 I moorne as dooth a lamb after the tete.
      moorne: yearn

3713 And lat me slepe, a twenty devel wey!"
      a twenty devel wey: in the name of twenty devils

3727 The wyndow she undoth, and that in haste.
      undoth: opens

3738 He felte a thyng al rough and long yherd,
      long yherd: long-haired

3746 And to hymself he seyde, "I shal thee quyte."
      quyte: pay back (revenge)

3753 Allas," quod he, "allas, I ne hadde ybleynt!"
      ybleynt; turned away

3772 This Absolon ne roghte nat a bene
      roghte nat a bene: cared not a bean (i.e., nothing)

3807 As greet as it had been a thonder-dent,
      thonder-dent: thunderstroke

3827 In ronnen for to gauren on this man,
      ronnen: ran gauren on: stare at

3792 "Why, nay," quod he, "God woot, my sweete leef,
       woot knows: leef: dear one, sweetheart


Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80 or more, congratulations! If not, go back and again read carefully through the The Miller's Tale, paying close attention to meaning.

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