Glosses for quiz #3 of the Man of Law's
Tale and Epilogue

(Lines II.876-1190)


Compare your translations with the glossed text:

884 Up peyne of deeth, so have I doon, certein."
      Up peyne of: on the penalty of

886 Moste biknowe and tellen, plat and pleyn,
      biknowe: reveal     plat: bluntly

909 That fallen is in hethen hand eft soone,
       eft soone: again

912 To gauren on this ship and on Custance.
        gauren on: stare at

924 And thus hath Crist unwemmed kept Custance.
      unwemmed: undefiled

927 But verraily thou wolt his body shende.
      shende: destroy

929 Is compleynyng. Hou many oon may men fynde
      compleynyng: lamentation

932 How may this wayke womman han this strengthe
            may: can     wayke; weak

935 Hou myghte David make thee so maat,
       myghte: could

    maat: defeated 953 Now lat us stynte of Custance but a throwe,
      throwe: short while

959 That at the feeste leet sleen bothe moore and lesse.
       leet sleen

993 In heigh and logh, and Jhesu Crist bisoghte
      In heigh and logh: in all things

1012 Be as be may, ther was he at the leeste.
      Be as be may: whatever may be

1014 Biforn Alla, durynge the metes space,
      metes space: dinner time

1028 Thurghout hir brest, than ben a womman wikke;
      wikke: evil

1035 That is his wyf, and pryvely he sighte,
      sighte: sighed

1036 And spedde hym fro the table that he myghte.
      that he myghte: as soon as he could

1050 Unnethe upon hir feet she myghte stonde.
      Unnethe: hardly

1060 "Now God," quod he, "and his halwes brighte
      halwes: saints

1074 I trowe an hundred tymes been they kist,
      been they kist: they kissed each other

1117 The day goth faste, I wol no lenger lette.
      lette: delay

1136 That hym ne moeved outher conscience,
      moeved: moeved     outher: either

1155 She heryeth God an hundred thousand sithe.
      heryeth: praises sithe: times

1165 This was a thrifty tale for the nones!
      thrifty: worthwhile

1180 He schal no gospel glosen here ne teche.
      glosen: interpret

1183 Or springen cokkel in our clene corn.
      springen: sprinkle     cokkel: corn cockle (a weed)


Score 4 points for each correct answer; if you made an 80 or more, congratulations! If you scored 76 or less, go back and again read carefully through this part (II.876-1190) of The Man of Law's Tale and Epilogue, paying close attention to meaning and availing yourself of the page glosses, the explanatory notes, and the glossary.

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