Glosses for quiz #4 of the Knight's Tale

(Lines I.2483-3108)


Compare your translations with the glossed text:


2518 Somme with the balled, somme with the thikke herd;
      balled: bald     thikke herd : thickly haired

2527 Honured, were into the paleys fet.
      fet: fetched, brought

2540 Of mortal bataille now in this emprise.
      emprise: undertaking

2593 So evene were they chosen, for to gesse.
      evene: equally       for to gesse: as an estimate

2609 The helmes they tohewen and toshrede;
      tohewen and toshrede: hew to pieces and cut into shreds

2642 Unyolden, and ydrawen to the stake.
      Unyolden: without having surrendered

2676 This fierse Arcite hath of his helm ydon,
      of his helm ydon: taken off his hehnet

2683 And was al his chiere, as in his herte.
      chiere: source of pleasure

2692 As blak he lay as any cole or crowe,
      cole: coal

2718 Unto the straunge lordes, as was right.
      straunge: foreign

2725 O persone allone, withouten mo,
      mo: others

2732 To stynten alle rancour and envye,
      envye: ill-will

2745 The clothered blood, for any lechecraft,
      clothered: clotted

2752 The pipes of his longes gonne to swelle,
      longes: lungs

2760 Fare wel phisik! Go ber the man to chirche!
      phisik: medicine

2786 And Juppiter so wys my soule gye,
      gye: guide

2862 His compleynte, and for love his hoote fires,
      compleynte: lament

2883 With flotery berd and ruggy, asshy heeres,
      flotery: waving       ruggy: rough

2902 Thurghout the citee by the maister strete,
      maister strete: main street

2918 Of stree first ther was leyd ful many a lode.
      stree: straw       lode: load

2927 In which they woneden in reste and pees,
      woneden: dwelt

2960 The wake-pleyes; ne kepe I nat to seye
      wake-pleyes: funeral games

2979 He cam at his comandement in hye.
      in hye: in haste

3010 Descendynge so til it be corrumpable.
      corrumpable: corruptible

3016 This maystow understonde and seen at ye.
      at ye: plainly

3102 Lyvynge in blisse, in richesse, and in heele,
      heele: health, well-being


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