Explanatory Notes to The Miller's, Reeve's, and Cook's Tale,
A Check List (Lines I.859-3108)

Here are a list of subjects, a sample of the Explanatory Notes for The Miller's, Reeve's, and Cook's Tale in The Canterbury Tales Complete and The Riverside Chaucer. Jot down a brief explanation of each of the following terms; then check your answers against the notes cited in parentheses at the end of each entry.

1)      fabliaux (see Expl. Note, p. 372)

2)      a legende and a life (I.3141)

3)      Almageste (I.3208)

4)      clerk (see Expl. Notes, p. 344-45)

5)      Catoun (or Cato) (I.3227).

6)      lemman (I.3726).

7)      Absolon (I.3312-38).

8)      Herodes (I.3384)

9)      Noah's flood (I.3538-43).

10)      The Northern Dialect (I.4022).

11)      sententia (I. 4320-21)

12)      compline (I.4171).

13)      the thridde cok (I.4233)

14)      wilde fyr (I.4172, III.373).

15)      Chepe (I.4377)
If you get twelve or more of these right, you have done well; if you got less than that, you should probably browse through those notes once more. Many of the subjects listed above are treated elsewhere in the notes or on pages in the Geoffrey Chaucer Website; follow up on the cross-references in the notes, use the Index to the Explanatory notes in The Canterbury Tales Complete and the Site Index on the Home Page of The Geoffrey Chaucer Website to find further information on these subjects.

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