The Explanatory Notes to The Man of Law's Tale
A Check List

Here is another self-test (or check list) of you reading of the Explantory Notes. As usual, jot down a brief definition of each of the following terms; then check your answers against the notes given in parentheses at the end of each entry.

1)      hazard ( II.124-25)

2)      rime riche ( II.102-03, I.17-18).

3)      Seintes Legende of Cupid ( II.61, II,61-76).

4)      Innocence III (Expl. Notes, p. 384)

5)      Gower's Tale of Constance (Expl. Notes, p. 385).

6)      Ptolmaic system (II.295-301)

7)      Semyrame (Semiramus) ( II.359)

8)      serpent with woman's face (II.360-61)

9)      scorpioun (II.404)

10)      Egipcien Marie (St. Mary the Egyptian) (II.500)

11)      Latin corrupt (II.519).

12)      ordeal of battle (II.631-43)

13)      drunkenness (II.771-77)

14)      swearing (II.1171)

15)      Lollere (II.1173).

16)      glossing (II.1180)

You should get twelve or thirteen of these right; if you do not, browse through those notes once more. (Again "browse" means that you need not read every note nor every part of the notes you do read.) For further information on many of these subjects, follow up on the cross-references in the notes, use the Index to the Explanatory notes in The Canterbury Tales Complete and the Site Index on the Home Page of The Geoffrey Chaucer Website.

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