Test your reading of the General Prologue

(Lines 1-269)

Translate into clear Modern English each of the bold-faced words and phrases in the lines below:

27 That toward Caunterbury wolden ryde.

31 So hadde I spoken with hem everichon

38 To telle yow al the condicioun

49 As wel in cristendom as in hethenesse,

54 In Lettow hadde he reysed and in Ruce,

65 Somtyme with the lord of Palatye

71 In al his lyf unto no maner wight.

85 And he hadde been somtyme in chyvachie

94 Wel koude he sitte on hors and faire ryde.

101 A YEMAN hadde he and servantz namo

114 Harneised wel and sharp as point of spere;

121 And she was cleped madame Eglentyne.

124 And Frenssh she spak ful faire and fetisly,

132 In curteisie was set ful muchel hir lest.

152 Hir nose tretys, hir eyen greye as glas,

155 It was almoost a spanne brood, I trowe;

167 A manly man, to been an abbot able.

189 Therfore he was a prikasour aright:

192 Was al his lust, for no cost wolde he spare.

205 He was nat pale as a forpyned goost.

211 So muchel of daliaunce and fair langage.

217 And eek with worthy wommen of the toun;

224 Ther as he wiste to have a good pitaunce.

227 For if he yaf, he dorste make avaunt,

232 Men moote yeve silver to the povre freres.

267 His eyen twynkled in his heed aryght

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