Test your reading of The Manciple's
Prologue and Tale

(Lines 1-362)


Translate each of the bold-faced words in the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

17 Hastow had fleen al nyght, or artow dronke?

18 Or hastow with som quene al nyght yswonke,

46 And with this speche the Cook wax wrooth and wraw,

55 So unweeldy was this sory palled goost.

81 That that I spak, I seyde it in my bourde.

91 To the Manciple he took the gourde agayn;

145 For hym were looth byjaped for to be,

161 As to destreyne a thyng which that nature

166 Of alle deyntees that thou kanst bithynke,

183 A she-wolf hath also a vileyns kynde.

197 Deceyved was, for al his jolitee.

205 Hir lemman? Certes, this is a knavyssh speche!

211 I am a boystous man, right thus seye I:

215 And a povre wenche, oother than this --

228 By force of meynee for to sleen dounright,

239 Anon they wroghten al hire lust volage.

252 For al thy waityng, blered is thyn ye

258 By sadde tokenes and by wordes bolde,

262 This Phebus gan aweyward for to wryen,

278 O rakel hand, to doon so foule amys!

281 O wantrust, ful of fals suspecion,

298 Thus shal men on a traytour been awreke;

305 And made hym blak, and refte hym al his song,

327 But for litel speche avysely

343 A jangler is to God abhomynable.


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