Test your reading of The Monk's
Prologue and Tale

(Lines VII.1889-2766)


Translate each of the bold-faced words in the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

1904 Whan she comth hoom she rampeth in my face,

1911 That wol been overlad with every wight!

1952 Though he were shorn ful hye upon his pan,

1956 Of fieble trees ther comen wrecched ympes.

2044 Out of a wang-tooth sprang anon a welle,

2074 Where-as they made hym at the queerne grynde.

2104 And made his hors to frete hym, flessh and boon;

2160 Sixty cubites long and sevene in brede,

2169 Ne myghte hym nat bireve of his estaat.

2213 And therfore God greet wreche upon hym sente,

2369 Now gaureth al the peple on hire, allas!

2390 Broghte this worthy kyng in swich a brike.

2469 Were alle his clothes brouded up and doun,

2490 Be domesman of hire dede beautee.

2538 For fere almoost out of his wit he breyde,

2560 For lesynge of richesse or libertee,

2594 That he bad greithen his chaar ful hastily,

2624 Ful wlatsom was the stynk of his careyne;

2702 With boydekyns, as I shal yow devyse.

2712 And so wel lovede estaatly honestee,

2721 That of this storie writen word and ende,

2731 But swich a reyn doun fro the welkne shadde

2740 And eek a sweven upon a nyght he mette,

2748 Which that he knew in heigh sentence habounde,

2764 With unwar strook the regnes that been proude;


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