Test your reading of The Pardoner's
Introduction, Prologue, and Tale

(Lines 287-968)


Translate each of the bold-faced words in the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

345 To saffron with my predicacioun,

348 Ycrammed ful of cloutes and of bones --

372 `Heere is a miteyn eek, that ye may se.

387 And I assoille him by the auctoritee

414 In prechyng, so that he shal nat asterte

427 Thus kan I preche agayn that same vice

464 Of yonge folk that haunteden folye,

474 Oure blissed Lordes body they totere --

519 In erthe, in eir, in water, men to swynke

543 That may go thurgh the golet softe and swoote.

582 A capitayn sholde lyve in sobrenesse.

591 Hasard is verray mooder of lesynges,

632 And fals sweryng is yet moore reprevable.

638 But ydel sweryng is a cursednesse.

670 "Sire," quod this boy, "it nedeth never-a-deel;

698 And ech of us bicomen otheres brother,

731 And seye `Leeve mooder, leet me in!

738 For which ful pale and welked is my face.

842 Ther is no man that lyveth under the trone

855 And eek ther was a polcat in his hawe,

863 Noght but the montance of a corn of whete,

874 For al the nyght he shoop hym for to swynke

913 I yow assoille, by myn heigh power,

937 Looke which a seuretee is it to yow alle

947 Lat be," quod he, "it shal nat be, so theech!


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