Test your reading of The Physician's Tale

(Lines VI.1-286)


Translate each of the bold-faced words in the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

15 Or grave, or peynte; for I dar wel seyn

25 My lord and I been ful of oon accord.

47 With mesure eek of beryng and array.

54 Sownynge in vertu and in gentillesse.

64 Where likly was to treten of folye,

78 Or elles ye han falle in freletee,

79 And knowen wel ynough the olde daunce,

80 And han forsaken fully swich meschaunce

84 His likerousnesse and al his olde craft,

86 Now kepeth wel, for if ye wole, ye kan.

91 Of alle tresons sovereyn pestilence

100 If that they doon, ye shul it deere abeye.

102 The wolf hath many a sheep and lamb torent.

116 And glad is of his sorwe and his unheele.

125 As she cam forby ther as this juge stood.

131 And taughte hym sodeynly that he by slyghte

147 Glad was this juge, and maked him greet cheere,

164 This false cherl cam forth a ful greet pas,

176 And right anon was rad this cursed bille;

183 My servant, which that is my thral by right,

200 Thou shalt no lenger in thyn hous hir save.

208 And leet anon his deere doghter calle,

227 Allas, that evere Apius the say!

280 The worm of conscience may agryse

285 Therfore I rede yow this conseil take:


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