Test your reading of the The Squire's
Introduction and Tale

(Lines V.1-708)

Translate each of bold-faced words in the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

18 He kepte his lay, to which that he was sworn;

77 Whil that this kyng sit thus in his nobleye,

92 By ordre, as they seten in the halle,

129 He wayted many a constellacion

154 She shal eek knowe, and whom it wol do boote,

206 Rehersynge of thise olde poetries,

219 As jogelours pleyen at thise feestes grete."

229 Naturelly, by composiciouns

259 On ebbe, on flood, on gossomer, and on myst,

316 Ye mooten trille a pyn, stant in his ere,

332 In swich a gyse as I shal to yow seyn

362 She was ful mesurable, as wommen be;

378 And seyde, "Madame, whider wil ye goon

389 Arrayed after the lusty seson soote

401 The knotte why that every tale is toold,

416 Ran endelong the tree ther-as she stood.

429 Of fremde land; and everemoore, as she stood,

493 Whil that I have a leyser and a space,

516 And kepeth in semblaunt alle his observaunces

555 Ne were worthy unbokelen his galoche,

571 Kepynge the boundes of my worshipe evere.

577 That Fortune wolde that he moste twynne

643 And by hire beddes heed she made a mewe

676 So feelyngly thou spekest, sire, I allow the!

698 A tale or two, or breken his biheste."

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