Test your reading of the Shipman's Tale

(Lines 161-303)

Translate each of the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

177 And buxom unto his wyf and fressh abedde.

209 And forth she gooth as jolif as a pye,

225 The curious bisynesse that we have.

243 And for to kepe oure good be curious,

262 Atemprely, and namely in this hete.

264 Farewel, cosyn; God shilde yow fro care!

280 Graunt mercy of youre cost and of youre cheere."

285 And nat oonly my gold, but my chaffare.

294 And prively he took hem to daun John.

303 Aboute his nede, and byeth and creaunceth.


Compare your translation with the page glosses for these lines.

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