Test #3 (General Prologue, Lines 445-668)

Test your reading of the General Prologue

(Lines 445-668)

Translate each of bold-faced woirds in the the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translations):

447 Of clooth-makyng she hadde swich an haunt

454 I dorste swere they weyeden ten pound

462 But thereof nedeth nat to speke as nowthe.

473 And on hir feet a paire of spores sharpe.

502 No wonder is a lewed man to ruste;

508 And leet his sheep encombred in the myre

517 Ne of his speche daungerous ne digne,

513 So that the wolf ne made it nat myscarie;

525 He waited after no pompe and reverence,

532 Lyvynge in pees and parfit charitee.

537 For Cristes sake, for every povre wight,

544 A MAUNCIPLE, and myself -- ther were namo.

554 Upon the cop right of his nose he hade

563 And yet he hadde a thombe of gold, pardee.

568 Of which achatours myghte take exemple

578 Of which ther were a duszeyne in that hous

583 Or lyve as scarsly as hym list desire;

593 Wel koude he kepe a gerner and a bynne;

604 That he ne knew his sleighte and his covyne;

609 Ful riche he was astored pryvely.

616 That was al pomely grey and highte Scot.

622 And evere he rood the hyndreste of oure route.

627 With scalled browes blake and piled berd.

643 Kan clepen "Watte" as wel as kan the pope.

653 And if he foond owher a good felawe,

660 Of cursyng oghte ech gilty man him drede,

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