Test your reading of the Knight's Tale

(Lines 1881-2482)

Translate each of the bold-faced words in the following lines into clear modern English (it is best to write out your translation):

1896 Was noon in erthe, as in so litel space;

1967 Why sholde I noght as wel eek telle yow al

1978 Of stubbes sharpe and hidouse to biholde,

1983 Wroght al of burned steel, of which the entree

2002 The open werre, with woundes al bibledde;

2008 The colde deeth, with mouth gapyng upright.

2019 The sowe freten the child right in the cradel;

2101 And sikerly ther trowed many a man

2116 It were a lusty sighte for to see.

2125 Ther is no newe gyse that it nas old.

2135 His lymes grete, his brawnes harde and stronge,

2162 His sadel was of brend gold newe ybete;

2193 He festeth hem, and dooth so greet labour

2199 The riche array of Theseus paleys,

2212 Yet song the larke) and Palamon right tho

2219 And doun he kneleth, and with humble cheere

2238 I kepe noght of armes for to yelpe,

2289 Hir brighte heer was kembd, untressed al;

2333 But sodeynly she saugh a sighte queynte,

2341 For which so soore agast was Emelye

2361 For which this Emelye astoned was,

2382 Thanne preye I thee to rewe upon my pyne.

2394 And, as I trowe, with love offended moost

2431 The statue of Mars bigan his hauberk rynge,

2449 Men may the olde atrenne and noght atrede.

2457 Myn is the prison in the derke cote;


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