Beijing Historic Sites FAQ

File Format: Shapefile
Languages: English, Chinese (UTF-8)
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Keyword: historic sites
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2002
Posted By: Lex Berman, CHGIS
Status: complete
Accuracy: georegistered, aproximately 1:25,000
Data Source: "Beijing Shiqutu" 1:18,000 map, Zhongguo Ditu Chubanshe, 1991

This dataset was produced by georegistration of the 1:18,000 scale "Beijing Shiqutu" image using Band8 (panchromatic 15 meter pixel) Landsat Thematic Mapper satellite data as the basemap. The Landsat image is number: L72123032_03220000430_B80.

We have not included dates or anecdotal information for the historic sites, but have included the names in Pinyin Romanization, Chinese Characters (in Unicode UTF-8) and Feature Types.

Only 80 major historic sites of interest were included in this dataset

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