Baiquan Xian, Heilongjiang (1911)

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Baiquan Xian tu, is the eleventh map in "Heilongjiang quan sheng yutu," published in Xuangtong 3rd Year (1911).


(Harvard Library catalog record)

scale: 317,000:1 (as noted on map)
original plate size: 46cm X 36cm
scan resolution: 350dpi

This plate covers the area around present day Baiquan Xian and part of Kedong Xian.

Geographic footprint:
Maximum North 47.90 N
Maximum South 47.30 N
Maximum East: 126.60 E
Maximum West: 125.50 E

Each map is printed on two pages, and each page has been scanned separately. The size of the uncompressed TIFF files is approximately 50 MB per page. Each TIFF has been compressed into a full-size JPEG of approximately 15-20 MB.