Chicheng Xian (Zhili), 1907

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Tschi tscheng hsien, is sheet number D8, in the "Karte von Tschili und Schantung" [Maps of Zhili and Shandong] series published in 1907. Cartography by the Royal Prussian Land Survey. Printed in German romanization and Chinese Characters.

Scanned and compiled by Mark Henderson, Univ of California, Berkeley.

Funded by National Science Foundation award BCS-0201825.

scale: 1:200,000
original plate size: 44cm X 37cm
scan resolution: 400dpi

This plate covers the area around Chicheng Xian, heading southwest to Longmen Xian, and northwest along the Yejishan River valley.

Geographic footprint:
Maximum North 41.33 N
Maximum South 40.66 N
Maximum East: 116.00 E
Maximum West: 115.00 E