Reading Comprehension

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General Description

This is an experimental page of sets of reading materials designed for the second year students of Chinese at Harvard University. There is one set for the time being, but there will be more in the near future. Each set will be divided into three proficiency levels based on the vocabulary, grammatical structure, and the questions posed. For each level, students have to give at least 7 correct answers to be upgraded to the next level. A score for the current level, and a total score will be automatically given when one has finished answering the questions on each level by pushing the "check here when finished" button at the bottom on each page. Before submit his answers by pushing the "check here when finished" button, one may read the text, and change his answers as many times as one likes. However, once that button is pressed, one cannot go back and re-do it unless he determines to exit the browser and restarts the exercise all over again.

System Requirements

To be able to use this set of materials, one needs Windows 95 or 98 with IE 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 or above. Java script and cookies MUST be enabled. Chinese capability of the system is a must. A Chinese add-on system like NJSTAR COMMUNICATOR is recommended. Although IE 4.0 or 5.0 have their own Chinese capability, as for this page, only simplified characters can be displayed under their environments. One also needs Chinese PINYIN font to display lists of new words for each passage of materials. These sets of materials are written with Cstar 2.97 in GB code. Therefore if one has Cstar 2.97 fully installed on his machine, GB traditional black style of type case will be automatically displayed for Chinese characters. For other Chinese add-on systems, one has to adjust the display of either GB simplified or traditional display manually by his choice. Note that the setting of Big5 coding does not work here!


With other system requirements met, start njstar communicator, click on the flag icon which is second from the left to set the display to Chinese GB Traditional. That is it.

Now the exercises:

Exercises Set One


Created and Maintained by Wenze Hu
Mar 5, 2002