Problem Sets

All assignments are due at 11:59pm on the date listed. This is a hard deadline. It is better to submit what you have before 11:59pm than to risk submitting at 12:00 and not getting credit (the submission server will close!).

Released Due Date
Problem Set 1 (tex,pdf) January 24 February 5
Problem Set 2 (tex,pdf) February 5 February 14
Problem Set 3 (tex,pdf) February 14 February 26
Problem Set 4 (tex,pdf) February 26 March 7
Problem Set 5 (tex,pdf) March 7 March 23
Problem Set 6 (tex,pdf) March 23 April 4
Problem Set 7 (tex,pdf) April 4 April 16
Problem Set 8 (tex,pdf) April 16 April 25
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All assignments should be submitted electronically in PDF form. If you write your assignments in LaTeX (highly recommended!), you can just submit the compiled PDF. If, instead, you write your assignments by hand, you will have to scan them into a PDF. You should submit your solution PDF to Canvas.

For a given problem set, you should submit one PDF per problem to this system (you submit one file for each problem, not one combined file with all problem solutions).