Section Notes

Math Review: PDF (solutions)

Section 1: PDF (solutions) -- Big-Oh, the Master Theorem, and MergeSort

Section 2: PDF (solutions)-- Heaps, graphs

Section 3: PDF (solutions)-- Shortest paths

Section 4: PDF (solutions)-- MSTs

Quiz 1 Review: PDF (solutions)

Section 5: PDF (solutions)-- Union-Find

Section 6: PDF (solutions)-- Greedy Algorithms

Section 7: PDF (solutions)-- Divide and Conquer, FFT

Section 8: PDF (solutions)-- DP, Randomization

Quiz 2 Review: PDF (solutions)

Section 9: PDF (solutions)-- Hashing

Section 10: PDF (solutions)-- Randomization

Section 11: PDF (solutions)-- Flow

Section 12: PDF (solutions)-- Linear Programming

Section 13: PDF (solutions)-- NP Completeness

Final Review Topics: PDF

Final Review: PDF (solutions)