Course Staff

The course staff can be reached collectively at

For reading and finals period office hours, see the course calendar on the homepage.
Email Phone Office Hours Location
Jelani Nelson 496-8640 Wed 10am-12pm MD 125
Salil Vadhan 496-0439 Tue 2:30-3:30pm
Thu 10-11am
MD 337
Teaching Fellows
Daniel Alabi Sun 5-7pm MD 2nd floor lounge
Yi-Hsiu Chen Mon 8-10pm (extension only)
Juan Esteller Sun 8-10pm Eliot Dining Hall
Patrick Guo Thu 9-11pm Quincy Dining Hall
Kevin Huang Sun 10pm-12am Lowell Inn
Jacob Klegar Tue 7-9pm Cabot Dining Hall
Shyam Narayanan Tue 9-11pm Quincy Dining Hall
Richard Ouyang Mon 8-10pm Leverett Dining Hall
Jonah Philion Sun 5-7pm MD 2nd floor lounge
Francisco Rivera Mon 8-10pm Cabot Dining Hall
Sundar Solai Tue 9-11pm Currier Dining Hall
Brabeeba Wang Fri 1-3pm Eliot Dining Hall
Alex Wei Thu 7-9pm Cabot Dining Hall
Isaac Xia Tue 7-9pm Leverett Dining Hall
David Yang Wed 7-9pm Currier Dining Hall
Kevin Zhang Wed 8-10pm Mather Dining Hall
Kristine Zhang Thu 3-5pm Currier Dining Hall
Jessica Zhu (Head TF) Wed 4-6pm Mather A&B Dining Room