David Gray Grant

I am an Embedded EthiCS Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer on Philosophy at Harvard University and a Senior Research Fellow in Digital Ethics and Governance at the Jain Family Institute. I completed my Ph.D. in philosophy at MIT in 2018.

I work mainly in ethics of technology (especially artificial intelligence) and philosophy of science (especially computer and data science). My research focuses on philosophical issues raised by automated decision-making systems and autonomous software agents.

I also run the Embedded EthiCS Teaching Lab at Harvard University as part of my work with the Embedded EthiCS @ Harvard program. The program is a joint effort between the philosophy and computer science departments, and develops ethics modules for courses across the computer science curriculum.

In 2017, I was a Summer Research Fellow at the USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society. I previously studied philosophy as an undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill.

Email: dggrant@fas.harvard.edu.

My CV is here.