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Section Assignment:

On the basis of what you have learned from exploring the Harper's Weekly illustration and the related links on this Web site, answer the following questions:

(click on this thumbnail image to see the full-sized version in the Slide Carousel)

  • What does the arrangement of artifacts tell you about popular understandings of New England history in the 1870s?
  • What role do the captions play in this portrayal?
  • How did the journalists who wrote about the exhibit understand its significance?
  • Judging from the clothing worn by the women and the tools and activities portrayed, what period or periods are represented?
  • Which if any of the relics displayed in Philadelphia in 1876 was an authentic "Pilgrim" relic?
  • Which if any date from the revolutionary period (circa 1776)?
  • Compare the Harper's image with the other views of the New England Farm House on the Web site. How do these images alter your understanding of the exhibit?
  • What 19th century perceptions portrayed in the exhibit persist today?

Final Paper:

Later in the semester, we will supply detailed instructions for the final paper. Basically, it will ask you to redesign an existing museum, monument, or exhibit or to prepare a proposal for a new one. As you work through the Old-Time Farm-House site, be thinking of ways to use it in a final project.



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