Questions & Answers

If you have any technical question regarding the software program we are using, please consider consulting the EndNote Support Pages first.

Q: What happens to my System when I install the HKSB package onto my computer's hard drive?
A: Unless you already have EndNote installed on your computer and want to keep the "preferences" (field names, etc.) you really don't need to worry about anything. On a PC, the only file installed into your computer's system folder is a customized preferences file for EndNote. On a Macintosh, the installer will also place shortcuts to all installed bibliography files into the Apple menu folder. None of these files has any effect on any other program on your computer. Installing the entire bibliography package (using the Installer on the CD) is the best thing you can do -- it will fasten your searches and makes EndNote more stable.

Q: I have already another version of EndNote installed -- how can I save my old preferences file?
A: Unfortunately, the company that produces EndNote did not grant us permission to do any alterations in the EN program file itself. We could have changed the name of the preferences file for our version of the program as to allow two different preferences files, but this was not permitted. There is no way you can work with both preferences files at the same time. When installing the package your old Prefs. file will be overwritten.

Q: How can I reverse the sort order in a library, e.g. to display the more recently published books or articles at the beginning of the list rather than at the end?
A: Choose "Sort Library..." in the "References" menu, enter "Year" (or whatever) from the pull-down menu and then click once onto the field right to the insertion field -- then click on "Sort."

Q: After a search I sorted the library in a certain order (e.g., by year), but the print-out ignores my order and sorts all references according to Author-Year-Title. How can I change this?
A: You need to edit the style you are using -- e.g. Chicago14th A. To do this you need to install the HKSB package onto your computer's hard drive (or, you can also copy the Styles folder alone to your hard drive). Then go into "Styles" / "Edit 'Chicago14th A'." Now choose "Sort Order..." from the "Edit Styles" menu and click onto "Order of Appearance." Do the changes, click "Ok" and save the styles file. That's it.

Q: Are the HKSB libraries compatible with version 4 of EndNote (released in March 2000)?
A: Yes. As far as we can say at this point, EN 4 just having been released, the HKSB libraries (= database files in EndNote format), our customized EndNote Preferences file, and our customized bibliographic styles are all compatible with version 4. If, however, you *only* use EndNote to work with the HKSB, we do not recommend to undergo the trouble to install it, especially not on an older computer. Version 4 is a bit slow and there are very few features that will benefit your work with the HKSB. Also, if you use EndNote 4 styles, you will notice a number of problems -- but you can install our customized styles (marked with a plus), they will work just fine under EndNote 4. If you need to upgrade the EndNote Demo program because you use OS 9 (or later) we strongly suggest downloading the HKSB OS9 updater instead.
Additional NOTE (September 2010): Regarding more recent versions of EndNote, Macintosh, and Windows, please see our notes under "Updates" on the main page.

Q: When will you put the bibliography on the Web?
A: The HKSB contains over 20,000 abstracts. Most of these are protected under copyright law. Although we have received permissions from all copyright holders to include their abstracts in this bibliography CD, it is most unlikely that we will get permissions to reproduce them on the Web.

WINDOWS CD version only:
Q: In the Styles menu on the CD itself (not in the version installed on the hard drive) it reads "[YOU CAN EDIT THESE ST#D65.ens" and "+Chicago14th A (+Loc.A#85E.ens" -- what does that mean?
A: ... just a small cosmetic flaw we overlooked. This does by no means generate any functional problems. It should read: "[YOU CAN EDIT THESE STYLES]" and "+Chicago14th A (+Loc. & Abst.)" -- this means references will be printed in the basic Chicago A style plus location (if any) plus abstract (if any).