CHAT ROOM RULES Kids Connection is for members ages 5 to 14. The rules are based on AOL's Terms of Service (TOS for short) and as in all areas of America Online, violations may lead to stopping your America Online account. Please read the complete Terms of Service agreement by using keyword: TOS. Below are a few of the most common violation. Language: -------- Swear words are not allowed anywhere on America Online. Use of such language in chat rooms and message boards will result in a violation. Such language used in email or instant messages may be referred to TOSEMAIL by the person receiving the message if they choose to do so. Using symbols to disguise these words is also a violation. Scrolling: -------- Scrolling is when a user repeatedly hits the return key so that the chat room messages move too fast for the users to see. Scrolling is not allowed and will be reported to TOS for action. Polling: ------- Polling is the asking of a question and requiring all present to post a specific letter, number or word. This is disruptive and will not be allowed. Harrassment: ------------ Rudeness to a guest, verbally or by behavior, will be considered a room disruption and dealt with as a serious violation. Harassing staff or another member in a chat room is not allowed. We are all here to enjoy America Online. Disagreements do happen -- deal with the issue not the person. If someone harasses YOU, do not respond in the same manner. Use the 'Ignore' feature and report them to TOS. Don't let one person's rudeness make you behave in the same way. Talk of illegal activity is forbidden on America Online. Additional Rules that help Kids Connection run smoothly -------------------------------------------------- Before coming to a Kid Connection chat room, please check the calendar. If there is a scheduled event, the room is RESERVED. If the topic or game is interesting, please join us! We'd love to have you. If you are looking for just a social chat, please wait til the scheduled event is finished. Disruption of a chat room is a violation. We ask that there be no age/sex checks during scheduled events. This disrupts a discussion, is rude to a guest, and makes it difficult to play a game. Ask in Instant Messages if you really can't wait til the event is finished. And if someone DOES ask -- please respond only in instant messages. We ask that you discuss private rooms in Instant Messages. Parents are always welcome to visit in our chat room. Please observe and do not participate in the talk, however. We really do want this to be the children's area. The KOOL Staff wears the prefix KO before our names. You can recognize us this way. Please ask us questions, make suggestions, tell us what you think. We are proud of our area and want to help you enjoy being here. Transmitted: 95-02-02 16:34:08 EST