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Project Info
All students should submit the following items via the submit program:

  • A full, commented version of your source code
  • A project write up, as described below - this may be either a Word document or preferably a PDF
  • Any additional files your program needs (images, etc.)
  • Optionally, a flowchart or diagram of the flow of control in your program, as part of the write-up. This is especially helpful if there are various paths a user might follow in interacting with the program. There is no "script" file, since this is a GUI, and you do not need to include screenshots unless there is something you think your TA might not see otherwise.


Your code should follow object-oriented design, as we have studied this semester. Use good method breakdown, and pass things appropriately. Think about whether something should really be an instance variable or not - if it's a helper variable, or something used only once, it shouldn't be class scope! Your java files should have FULL [JAVADOC] COMMENTING done: beginning description for each class, EVERY method commented including returns and params (except main), and brief in-line comments where needed. You only need to comment an exception if you are throwing it, NOT if you catch it in that method. Format your code nicely to make it easily readable by your TA.

THE WRITE-UP: This should be a presentation of what you've done; imagine yourself going into a corporate meeting (game company, business, etc.) to "sell" your program. Why is it good? Why do I/we want a copy of it? You should include the following:

Explain how to run the project, with a list of the classes and files, and a 1-2 sentence overview of each. What do we type to start it?

A complete description of the project, especially its functionality. Remember, we may not know the game you're writing, and we certainly don't know the business procedures of your company, if you're doing a work-related project. TELL us what the project is and how it works - not a list of methods or repetition of your javadoc, but an English description. If it's a game, tell us the rules for playing it. A flowchart or storyboard, if you're familiar with these, can work well here.

Any special features which your project includes - if we don't know to look for them, we may not give credit for extra things you've done.

You might comment on how your project could be expanded in the future, or of other features which you might consider adding. If you've written your code in such a way as to facilitate development, tell us that also.

Finally, your reactions and thoughts about writing this project. What did you learn? Was it a good choice? This is helpful for us to understand both in grading your project as well as for future students.